WITHIN TEMPTATION Singer Not Worried About EVANESCENCE Comparisons

In a recent interview with Live-Metal.net, WITHIN TEMPTATION vocalist Sharon den Adel talks about touring America for the first time on the "Hottest Chicks in Metal Tour", the band's new album, "The Heart of Everything" and comparisons to EVANESCENCE in the U.S. A few excerpts follow:

Live-Metal.net: Now that you're coming over to the U.S., are you worried about inevitable EVANESCENCE comparisons?

Sharon: In every country we get comparisons. Not only with EVANESCENCE, but with LACUNA COIL when we're in Italy, NIGHTWISH when we're in Finland, and they get compared when they come to our side of Europe. It's inevitable, although I think the bands are all very different. They sound all so different. That's what I like about this genre of music. You can't even call it a genre because the bands are so different from each other. It's sort of like the time you had the grunge period — like NIRVANA, ALICE IN CHAINS, PEARL JAM, and they said it all sounds the same, but looking back on it they're so different. They're so special in their own way and that's the same thing [here] I think. Although, of course, those are major bands, but it's just a comparison.

Live-Metal.net: How have the first few shows gone on the Hottest Chicks of Metal Tour?

Sharon: They've been going very well, I must say. I was really surprised so many people knew our music and were singing the lyrics sometimes and all. And we didn't expect anything actually because we didn't know that there were people here already that knew us. But MySpace is so big here in America, and, also, we have got a MySpace, so probably a lot of people got into contact with each other that already knew us. It was really nice to see them travel. A lot of people came from far to see us — of course, not only us but the other bands playing. But people also came especially for us, which is really nice.

Live-Metal.net: Now this your first official U.S. tour?

Sharon: Yeah. It's more like an introduction tour, I think, because we are playing 40 minutes and our album is not released yet. It's going to be released the 24th of July, so I think it's more an introduction tour. That's how I see it.

Live-Metal.net: So how exactly did you get involved with the tour?

Sharon: I know that Roadrunner wanted to send us on tour to America and LACUNA COIL was searching for support acts, and somewhere they met each other. I think it's something that really fits together. And also all the bands are really nice, really good bands. It's a really nice package, I think. All bands got really good reaction, so that's a really good sign, I think.

Live-Metal.net: Did you have any reservations in taking part in a tour promoting the hottest chicks in metal?

Sharon: I didn't know that it was called by that. We are on the plane over here and "By the way, what is the Hottest Chicks Of Metal Tour?" "That's the tour we're on." "Uh .... OK." [laughter] They never told me what they called it, so it was a little like, "Umm ... OK." Whatever they want to call it, I guess.

Read the entire interview at Live-Metal.net.


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