W.A.S.P. Mainman Says OBAMA Is 'The Ultimate Car Salesman' And 'A Con Man'

Jesse Capps of Rock Confidential recently conducted an interview with W.A.S.P. mainman Blackie Lawless. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Rock Confidential: A lot of people are excited about the release of your latest CD, "Babylon". The new video is getting a lot of attention, too. People are probably reading to far into the imagery, but a few fans are yapping about the timing of Obama in the video in relation to the lyrics in the song.

Lawless: I don't pay attention to that kind of stuff. What's being said?

Rock Confidential: I saw a few people likening you to Rush Limbaugh

Lawless: (laughs) Yeah, I can see that! We'll be a new tag team!

Rock Confidential: But the video doesn't just show Obama. Vladimir Putin, Hitler and Ahmadinejad make appearances, too.

Lawless: The gang is all there. Hey man, I'm just playing umpire. I'm calling it as I see it. If folks get upset about it that's just the way it is. When that guy was running for President…I didn't know anything about him. Nobody did. He says, "If you want to know who I am, go look at my background. Look at the people I surround myself with. That will tell you exactly who I am." Fair enough. I did some investigation on this guy and I was horrified! I couldn't believe that a man like that could even run for dog catcher, much less be President of the United States. I was stunned that this guy sold himself so well. He is the ultimate car salesman. The ultimate cheerleader. What he does is have pep rallies. He's always there with his teleprompters. He can't do anything without them and the minute he does try to speak without one he puts his feet in his mouth. He can't think on his feet. The guys is not qualified to run anything. I thought we couldn't get any worse when Bush was there. Just when you think it can't get any worse — look out. I'm not flying the Republican flag here, I'm just calling it like I see it. He's a con man.

Rock Confidential: There are so many people that didn't do any research on Obama and I think they're regretting it now.

Lawless: They're just going on sound bytes. But, this country belongs to them, too. If you're not willing to do five minutes worth of research then you get what you pay for.

Rock Confidential: That video touches on subject matter that's very visual and interesting to people – no matter their religious beliefs.

Lawless: It is quite colorful. The imagery that opens up sure allows for a lot of different interpretation. Where that came from was really at the end of Bush's term. They were all going 'round and 'round about this supposed global financial crisis we were in. "Crisis" is politician codeword for "We're getting read to take some freedoms away from you or pick your pockets some more." At the same time I was listening to what was happening in the EU. They were having a meeting in Brussels. These guys were talking about how bad we'd screwed everything up and since we couldn't do it as individual countries that maybe it was time for a one world government. Another guy spoke up and said we should have a one world currency to go with that one world government. Then a third guy chimed in and said that would be perfect because by 2017 we could have the whole of the EU micro-chipped. I'm standing there gawking with my mouth open. Do these guys have any comprehension of what they're talking about? Do they understand the possible ramifications of what they're talking about? This is potential 666 we're talking about. Before I did the record I did a detailed study of the book of Revelation in relation to all of this. I was astonished at the accuracy. Twenty years ago when I wrote "Headless Children", I referred to it. I said, "Four horsemen sit high up in the saddle waiting, ride the bloody trail of no return." Are we now that much closer to that Armageddon than we were 20 years ago? It makes you scratch your head.

Read the entire interview at Rock Confidential.


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