VINCE NEIL Threatens To Sue NIKKI SIXX Over MÖTLEY CRÜE Reunion Plans

MÖTLEY CRÜE frontman Vince Neil has slammed bassist Nikki Sixx for believing that "he is the band" and has threatened to sue Sixx for "breach of contract", claiming that CRÜE's reunion plans were put on hold indefinitely while Nikki is out recording and touring with his new band BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION.

In an appearance earlier today on "The Howard Stern Show", Neil said that he and Sixx are "not getting along" and made it clear that Nikki's attitude is the sole obstacle standing in the way of the band regrouping for a reunion tour.

The following is an excerpt from today's "Stern Show" recap as it appears on

"Vince Neil showed up to hang out with the guys for a while. Howard asked him what's up with MÖTLEY CRÜE. They're done right now and Vince said Nikki Sixx is the problem. He said they just don't get along and Nikki thinks that he is MÖTLEY CRÜE. Vince said there may be a lawsuit coming soon because they were supposed to go out as MÖTLEY CRÜE and Nikki decided to start his own band in the meantime. Vince said he's making money just fine right now. He said he thinks that Nikki is in breach of contract right now because they're supposed to be on tour so he may be suing over that. Howard read that Vince was out on tour with
his own band recently and the crowd refused to sing along to any of his songs so he called off a concert. Vince said that was untrue and the biggest piece of B.S. that he'd ever read. Vince said the club he played at had no security and that's why he walked out. Howard also brought up a story he had about Vince and the death of his daughter. Howard read that his ex-wife made out with another woman during their daughter's funeral and he had to know if that was true. Vince said that's a nasty thing to say and he knew the story was out there. Vince told Howard he was out of his mind and tried to kill himself for a month after that. He said the rumor was evil. Vince said that making out with a woman isn't a reaction to grief so he didn't do that. Howard also brought up this porn video Vince did with porn star Janine. He asked Vince if he knows how many chicks he's banged over the years. He said he hasn't kept count. Howard asked him if he was hammered while he was sitting there. Vince said he wasn't hammered and didn't sound like he was. Vince brought up his fiancee Leah who was even hotter than Pam Anderson according to Howard. Howard asked her how they met and joked that it was probably at a funeral. Gary came up and said he met them back in December and they were making out at a table making out like they were dating for the first time. He said they look like they're in love. Stuttering John came up and said he heard that Vince punched Leah in the face about a month ago. Vince didn't know what he was talking about. Leah said that wasn't true at all. She went on to talk about how she went to one of his concerts and how she managed to get to him. Vince started singing to her and that got her attention. She said she's seen that video of Vince and Janine and was impressed by his prowess. Ralph pointed out that Vince also has a really hot daughter. He also told Howard that he got Vince a 'real drink'' because the bartender was giving him the cut-off sign and watering down his drinks. Howard gave Vince a plug for his tour with POISON and said you can find out more at Howard said that they're also giving away the chance to cabby for Jenna Jameson and Vince has the highest bid on that so far. He and Leah will mess around with her if they win. Vince told Howard that last year Leah brought him to the Bunny Ranch as a birthday gift. Vince and Leah brought up another girl and made out with her a little bit. Howard said he loved it there at the Hard Rock. He told Vince that he's blessed and a very lucky guy. Adam told Howard he'd like to sniff Vince's penis after the show. Vince said it would cost him but didn't say no to him."


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