VINCE NEIL Subject Of Hilarious Swedish TV Documentary: Video Included

A special report from Swedish journalist Martin Carlsson:

"High Chaparall", a wild documentary series on the Swedish TV channel Kanal 5, launched its second season on Monday, March 15 with a one-hour special on MÖTLEY CRÜE vocalist Vince Neil.

It's a hilarious portrayal of a rock star that rivals "This is Spinal Tap" as a rock 'n' roll comedy. The show follows co-hosts Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson as they enter the gated Spanish Hills community in Las Vegas where Vince Hill lives with his fiancée Leah. Vince's parents arrive and the whole family is interviewed at the luxurious mansion. When asked if he's ever tried Viagra, Vince says, "I took one once and blew through $15,000 on hookers. It was in Atlantic City." Describing himself as "the last hold-out" and expressing no love for Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee or Mick Mars, the singer confirms that MÖTLEY CRÜE will indeed reunite. "2005 and 2006 I'm putting away for MÖTLEY, because negotiations are getting closer and closer. I think it will be a good way to close it," he says.

Vince and Leah drive off to a Superbowl VIP party and the Swedish TV team hang out with Vince's parents and share a few beers with his father, who smilingly admits that "Girls Girls Girls" is his favorite MÖTLEY CRÜE song. His mother, on the other hand, talks about her son's early days as a ice figure skater.

When Vince and Leah return from the Superbowl VIP party, the vocalist is completely wasted. He lost $25,000 gambling at the party and proceeds to slam a Turkish pepper shot with the co-hosts (click here to view Windows Media clip). Later, the shit-faced frontman has a go at an acoustic guitar and sings so horribly that even his mother is cringing. She also has to listen to when Filip and Fredrik perform an English version of a well-known Swedish childrens' song for him (click here to view Windows Media clip).

"I was with Britney (Spears) when she married that guy," he blurts out.

How was she?

"She was fucked up! Are you fuckin' crazy?! She was…aaooh!" he screams and pretends to pass out.

As the TV team leaves, Vince has another Turkish pepper shot and stumbles up the stairs to his bedroom.

Next morning, the "High Chaparall" crew arrive at the gate to the street where Vince lives, but no one picks up the phone. His manager calls them and says that Vince has been taken to the emergency room and is more or less unconscious. Vince is unable to speak and three days later, on February 4, they hook up with him in New York where he gives a solo performance at B.B. King Blues Club. Backstage, he explains that he never went to the emergency room, but that Leah wanted to take him there because he was so dehydrated after the previous day's hard drinking. Vince also talks about wanting to die following his daughter Skylar's death of stomach cancer in 1995.

All in all, it's one hell of a funny documentary that will become a cult classic among MÖTLEY CRÜE fans.


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