THERION Mainman: 'I Have Some Good And Some Sad News About The Classical Show'

THERION mainman Christofer Johnsson has posted the following message on the band's web site:

"I have some good and some sad news about the classical show. The good news is that the orchestra sounds amazing and the choir is also good. We really managed to take the next step from last time by using a younger and flexible orchestra that have an incredible motivation for the project and use in ear monitors for all of them with click track. It worked so well that they even asked to have what we play in their ears and now we play really nicely together. This time we also have clip on microphones for almost all instruments, so the sound will be a million times better. The sad news is that we will not be able to perform 'Adulruna Rediviva' as planned. Our agreed rehearsal time was shrunk from what I originally based my decision to add the song on and the score I sent (weeks ago) was not given to the choir to practice, so it really was too much rehearsal work left on this song in order to pull it off at all and even further to make it sound good. We tried the song, but didn't get further than half and the the choir (who had their notes for it this morning) was simply completely lost. We risked not only to make a bad version of it, but to totally fuck it up, so I had to take the (of course clearly very unpopular) decision to drop the song from the set list in order to ensure the over all quality of the project. Considering that I spent 10-12 hours a day in one week to make a score from this song and adapt it for live playing (including rewriting all keyboard parts for orchestra) it was a total knife in the heart for me. It's my fave THERION song and all the time work for nothing.... not fun at all. On top on this knowing that many fans was looking forward to this song really made it sad. But if we would have tried to do 'Adulruna', it would in best case have been bad and in worst case total disaster, so there was the only one possible responsible decision to make. Especially since we're recording a DVD with this event. Another sad thing is that I earlier dropped 'Flight Of The Lord Of Flies' and the intros to 'Wondrous World Of Punt' and 'Khlysti Evangelist' to free time to make 'Adulruna'. With the time wasted in vain on 'Adulruna' there was no time left to reinsert those pieces. So the the performance will be around 10 minutes shorter than last time because of this. But all in all I am still pleased. We sound excellent and playing-wise it's not one step better than what we achieved in Romania. Not two either, it's even better than that. So it will be a musical experience to remember and will be nice on the DVD that (in time) will be released with this event. Those of you who were there in Romania for the pioneer evening that was and saw how the seed was planted, will now be able to see the flower that has grown up from it."

THERION's next appearance is scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday, June 16) at the International Opera Festival Miskolc in Miskolc, Hungary.


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