THE PRETTY RECKLESS has begun composing music for its fourth album, the band has confirmed.

The upcoming disc will be the follow-up to "Who You Selling For", which arrived a year ago. That effort was produced by THE PRETTY RECKLESS's longtime collaborator Kato Khandwala and featured songs written by singer Taylor Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips.

Phillips told 99.7 The Blitz at this year's Louder Than Life festival that THE PRETTY RECKLESS is "working now" on new songs, adding that "we have a lot of inspiration."

Added Taylor: "It's a very crazy time in the world right now, so there's a lot of things to speak about. It's slamming you in the face."

Ben concurred, saying: "It's coming at you as hard as a hammer. It's almost hard to discern. Usually you're waiting for something and now it's almost too much, it's almost overwhelming."

During a separate interview with 97X at Louder Than Life, THE PRETTY RECKLESS bassist Mark Damon said that the band had "some ideas and some bits and pieces [of new songs] here and there," but he explained that "it's virtually impossible to write on the road. So I think the real writing is gonna come when we get off the road and [Momsen and Phillips] can really go into their headspace to do it."

Damon also confirmed that Khandwala will once again be at the helm for the upcoming record. "He's part of the family," the bassist said. "He's a fifth member of the band. He's an integral part of what we do, and he keeps us honest, he kicks our ass in the studio and makes us step up our game, so not having him would be difficult."

THE PRETTY RECKLESS drummer Jamie Perkins said that the band hasn't yet come up with a new angle for the upcoming album that will make it stand out from the group's previous releases. "I think we're gonna always try to push ourselves in new directions anyway, so it's never a pre-set notion, like, 'Let's do this,'" he explained. "It's just kind of like, they'll write a song, and it just sort of turns into what it's gonna be."

THE PRETTY RECKLESS' European tour will kick off on November 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark.