Dutch death metal band THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT have issued a response to Metalheads Against Racism founder Mike Meier's latest literary missive against the group, which included an allegation that they were using his web site as a promotional platform for their new album and an explanation of why he had previously referred to the group in an online posting as "known racists" (see previous BLABBERMOUTH.NET stories: Story#1, Story#2, Story#3). The band's latest statement on the matter reads as follows:

"Hello people, because I [THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT manager Rutger Cup] led in the verbal war against the radical left liar from Switzerland, I wil be the one that will proudly present you our last statement concidering this matter.

"Usually I do the typing and arguing, but this discussion was so heavy that the band deicided that they should write the last message to Mike the liar. We also decided to give you all the opportunity to download the songs in question. Listen, read and be your own judge!

Forest of Flesh (mp3)
The Desecration of the Black Stone (mp3)
Cathedral of Corpses (mp3)

"I must say that we, members and crew from THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT, are extremely statisfied with all the support we have been getting from all you metal dudes across the world. Thank you and rock on! Also Blabbermouth is to be thanked, they let you clear our name, cause you can say what you want, but being called 'known rascists' sucks, and sucks even more when it is posted on a site without a descent forum.

"In a time where radical muslims kill artists with an outspoken opinion, we need all the support we can get.

"Also for you left, narrowminded fools. We are always available for a nice discussion. On forums, our guestbook and after shows. And yes, we will go to a LOT of countries soon, Switzerland and Germany included.

"Mike, if you really think we needed your shitty site to promote the new album, you are taking too much credit for yourself. Though I think your site is a good initiative, you lost your mind somewhere on the way. We will give you free entrance to one of our major shows in Switzerland + a copy of the new album and a bunch of flowers for the free publicity. On the other side, you should be thanking us for the major hits on your site last few weeks. If you are thinking of a sponsor, we will make you an offer you can't refuse

The official reaction of THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT:

"What's the problem with slaughtering the legions of Mohammed? Mohammed was leader of a very violent group whose motto was 'Worship our God or die.'

"Does Mike Meier also accuse DEICIDE for being racist because they hate Christians?

"Mohammed was also a man who thought it was normal to have sex with his best friend's 9-year-old daughter (Aïsja). So Mike Meier is fan of a paedophilic warlord with hatred and intolerance against other religions, Jews and non-belivers? Mike, you are a die-hard left-wing fascist!

"Mudjahedeen means Warrior of God or Holy Warrior. They murder in the name of the Islam just like the SS killed people in the name of Hitler.

"What is wrong with using the word Sharia? The Sharia is one of the best examples of total fascism. Religion and justice entwined in a bloody mixture of hacking off hands en stoning women to death for nothing. You defend that fascism, Mr. Meier!

"So what's your point? We are racist because we wrote three songs about the Islam? Well, the 3 songs you are talking about are a triptych called 'Slayer of Jihad'. Is that racism or fascism? I don't think so.

"Name me one country where there is political Islam that's worth living in? One that does NOT have grave and systematic violations of basic human rights? I bet you can't. You called us racists for this opinion (!?!).

"Quote from the MAR website:

" 'If you have a website, put our banner on your site with a link to and send an e-mail to [email protected] with your website address.'

"But then again:

" [Quoting Mike] 'I'm sure you'll notice they're conspicuously absent from our members list, and of course they've never contacted me about putting the banner on their site.'

"And today:

" [Quoting Mike's statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET] 'Months later, I got an e-mail from one of the band members notifying me that the banner was on their site. I replied letting them know I wouldn't link back.'

"What the fuck??

"Apparently, Mr. Meier is tolerant enough to accept only members of his own creed, colour and liking. Actually, he should be thankful for giving his shabby website a shitload of page hits.

"It also strikes us the Mr. Meier apparently doesn't have the balls to tackle bigger bands (and associated lawyers) like MARDUK, but insists on picking on smaller bands.

"E.g.: Quote from 'Kaziklu Bey' (MARDUK'Nightwing', 1998)]: 'Storming in fury with ten thousand men, To teach the Muslims a lesson again.'

"Quote from 'Dracole Wayda' (MARDUK'Nightwing', 1998]: 'The fear of the Turks is growing but the sword of Dracul will show the Muslims the reapers face.'

"Are these not matters worth enquiring, Mr. Meier?

"You are so fucking blind. We really can't believe our eyes when we read your 'arguments.' Do you ever watch the Daily News? The Middle East is a powder keg. There's genocide in Darfur by Muslim militia. In Thailand the Muslim youth went mad and attacked police officers for some months ago. On the Balkan there were genocides. In Indonesia, where Buddhism and Christianity have lived peacefully with each other until the Laskar Jihad started a war.

"Who was ALWAYS involved there? The Islam or better The Pest of Arabia.

"So the facts about Mike Meier and his site MetalHeads Against Racism:

* Mike Meier is fan of a paedophilic warlord with blind hatred and intolerance against other religions, Jews and non-believers.

* Mike Meier defends the laws of the Sharia. Religion and justice entwined in a bloody mixture of hacking off hands en stoning women to death for nothing.

* Mike Meier finds 'proof' and 'evidence' from alleged quotes that 'someone' heard us say.

* Mike Meier thinks he is the saviour of the radical left-wing fascists. The Shepherd for the Traumatized.

* Mike Meier thinks in his narrow-minded views that he can unpunishedly put someone up the pillory by accusing them of being racist or fascist.

"Well, Mike Meier picked the wrong band."


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