THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL Outline Upcoming Activities

U.K. black metallers THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL have posted the following update on their official web site:

"'The Mill Hill Sessions' CD is now out on Godreah Records. This airs the band in a raw environment with guitars taking over the main sound, leaving the keyboards at a bare minimum. HAWKWIND's Alan Davey and Huw Lloyd Langton play bass and lead guitar, respectively, on this release. The CD contains two sessions recorded at Mill Hill studio in 2004. Tracks are: 'God is Rome', 'Grisly Din Of Killing Steel', '80 Grains of Sand', 'The Watchers of Catal Huyuk', 'A Healer Made God', 'Refuse/Resist' (SEPULTURA cover). The second session airs the 25-minute 'My Beautiful Genocide', made up of various ideas and woven into one track in the studio.

"'The Damascus Steel' MCD will be released on Supernal Music in May 2005. This will feature Mirai (SIGH), and a cover of HAWKWIND's 'Sword of the East'. Lyrically woven around the tribalism of the Middle East and expanding terror.

"THE THIEVES OF FATE will release a punk covers album in mid-2005. The band consists of THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL and various guests, including Evo (WARFARE), Paul Fox (RUTS), plus other lost punk/ metal demi-gods to be confirmed. Tracks already recorded are: THE RUTS' 'Babylon's Burning', DISCHARGE's 'Hell on Earth', 'The Blood Runs Red', STIFF LITTLE FINGERS' 'Straw Dogs', RAMONES' 'Commando, I Don’t Want You', THE SAINTS' 'Perfect Day', ANGELIC UPSTARTS' 'Little Towers', STRANGLERS' 'Tank', DEAD KENNEDYS' 'Holiday in Cambodia', CHELSEA's 'Right To Work', DEAD BOYS' 'Sonic Reducer'.

"The third THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL album, tentatively titled 'The Passion and Death of Iesous', is scheduled for release in late 2005/early 2006. The album will document the last days of the Christian Messiah. The concept will utilize non-canonical works as well as the Gospels in piecing together one of the greatest of all human moments. The concept is one Metatron has been studying for more years than one would care to recall, to separate myth from fact, thus telling the story applied to a mortal Jew and troublesome Zealot set against a ruthless Roman world order.

"MEADS/Mirai Mirai has been layering orchestration and keyboards to some tracks penned by J.D Tait for a doom project that will encompass the haze of THE DOORS, and the unavoidable bass thunder of SABBATH. [What doom act doesn't?], the arrangements and lyrics will be co-ordinated by Metatron. When these recordings will see the light of day is unknown.

"Warlord Records (Italy) will be releasing a split 7" with THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL/FROSTMOON ECLIPSE. Both bands have recorded BULLDOZER covers for a series of 7" vinyl tributes to the cult Italian black metal act. Release date is expected sometime 2005.

"WORMS OF SABNOK, featuring J.D Jait, Urakbarammel and L Cornel from THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL will release an album through Mordgrimm Records in early 2005. The sound is akin to early ULVER set to an atmosphere of cold Norwegian black metal.

"More information on the above projects will be released when available."


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