THE HAUNTED Frontman: 'The World Ain't Perfect, Because We Humans Are Not Perfect'

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving has posted the following message on his MySpace page:

"Basically I think the biggest problem in our lame little world of Angloeuropean/American self-absorbtion is self-pity. It's a tradition we've carried for 1500 years, maybe more. 'Poor me.' 'Nobody understands.' 'I am alone.' Etc.

"In the last couple of hundred years it's been brough to amazing heights by every single philosofer, poet and writer worth mentioning. Romantisizing the idiot construction of mentally crawling up your own ass and to see notion but nothing, really.

"The affect. Our own emotions, with the fabulous presumption that they are true. Kant, Schopenhauer, Sartre, Nietsche, Yates, Thoreau, Camus. On and on, these and hundreds more elaborate on the relation between individual and reality. Mostly they end up emphazising the ideal of the loner. The single individual. The Me. The I.

"It's funny how even the base of Christianity is built in such a strong slab of this idealized suffering and self-centrism. The fairytale of Jesu the Carpenter, the strong chosen ONE walks a predestined path, and ends up facing a FINAL test of utter pain and suffering through which he is relieved and made ethereal, godlike. Thus his words and actions gain a higher justification, and suspends reason. Leaving it all up to the most abstract concept of good faith...

"Tolkien and C.S. Lewis carry the tradition on, just as the 'Die Hard' movies, 'Terminator' or Clint Eastwood's 'Dirty Harry' character. In absurdum we idolize the ALONE who must suffer for redemption.

"You know what I say about it. Hi ho, just fuck it. The idea of suffering for some abstract higher good. Some ridiculous truism that always in the end serves the end of those who, with the same thought construction, believe their higher good is of greater importance and have the balls to suffer more for it.

"Ask any honest masochist. They'll tell you how simple it really is, 'It hurts sooo good.' They are clear and open about the basic fact that IF you enjoy the pain, it will give you pleasure.

"'It ain't necessarily so...,' to quote Cole Porter. Not in this thing we call everyday life and physical reality. I believe the tradition of self-pity, and turning the one who suffers into selfdestructing heroes is ultimatly doing immense harm to the human species in an annihilation kinda way. Really.

"The pattern may have worked in the past, certainly. But think about it. Trial by fire ain't no interspecies affair. Just because WE (for some reason beyond my understanding) enjoy hurt, feeling crappy and identify with HEROES IN PAIN ON A CRUSADE FOR THE GRAAL, doesn't mean the rest of the dominant or subdominant creatures on the planet agree. Other mammals i.e. run AWAY from pending disaster. Sure, bugs, mosquitos and flies fly into things that kill them, but hey, they procreate at a rate that make us look like oooooooold fuckers staggering to get it off in comparison.

"We are very much the minority here you know. Micro-organisms and insects rule this planet by far. We just passengers.

"Enough of the facts... Think about this; Don't you like being on this planet? Don't you think it's great that you have the capacity to let rip farts that smell horrendous and that you have evolved to the amazing position where you can actually laugh at that? Isn't it super-cool that you can give yourself enough pleasure in your own little lonesome to make you pant and sniff and go 'Oooo...' and that other humans can too? Tell me honestly if you don't see the beauty of painting, music, film making dance and sculpture. Do you ever laugh? Cry? They are both highly improbable concepts if you consider the facts of how large the time space continuum surrounding us all are, still we do those things.

"Now if life is nothing but sheer and utter damnation to you, if you find no joy in simple things like taking a dump, eating a piece of bread or the rare and beautiful moments right before sleep hits I suggest you go with the following two plans:

A. Seek help.
B. Kill yourself.

"Why? Well, I think you will find help if you seek it. And plan B of course is still going to be there íf all else fails, right?

"On September 15th. There is a rally in Washington DC against the United States government's war, and their obvious bullshit. If you are anywhere close or have the "means and money to get there, go. Find out more and go.

"You and I are worth too much to not care for. We may be uglier than fuck. Limp and covered in greasy hair, or picture perfect — we are also ALIVE, we have an undecided amount of time before that ends. Spending that time in feeling crappy is really wasting that time.

"The world ain't perfect, because we humans are not perfect. We can't possibly be perfect, but we have a free choice. A very simplistic do or don't do code built in our elaborate little brains. We are always free to act, and proudly carry the consequences of those actions.

"Being a victim sure as fuck sucks, and the only way stop being one is to simply get up. That is something that begins in our heads. Simply stand when they say sit. Sit when they say stand. If that is what it takes. If you are in peril, and the possibility is there; simply move out of harms way. Like Aikido. Stand, and move. Fuck those morons who want pain death and suffering. Fuck the dumbass sorry sons of bitches who worship death and destruction. Fuck those who pray at the altar of master and servant. BDSM is for those who ENJOY it, it sure as fuck ain't meant for global politics and personal ideology.

"I will stand. That's my choice. We all have one."


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