THE HAUNTED Frontman: 'I Had Me A Nasty Old Near-Psychosis Experience'

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving has posted the following message on his MySpace page:

"Dreamland... ouch!

"Once again, I had me a nasty old near-psychosis experience. I ran out of meds last day of the European shows. Not so bad one might reason, but this was truly nasty. So first, it takes about 24 hours for the chemicals that mimic the serotonin I don't have to leave the system. Gradually you become feverish, kinda like speed sickness. Then as the adrenalin and the dopamines that are naturally elevated because of the shows every night wear off and all hell breaks loose.

"Sounds send waves of inequilibrium, and a sense of falling over rushes through my head. Cortisol levels start peaking, leaving me unable to handle any conflict at all. A question like 'How much milk in your coffee?' runs through the utterly confused limbionic system and the amygdala senselessly misinterpets the words as accusation sending out the impulse to start massproducing even further adrenaline and as the swoony feeling escalated the twitches kick in. An image of something breaking flashes trough my mind and my neck turns slightly and a muscle contracts in my back out into the left arm. Off to bed. Tomorrow morning thinks I...

"Sleep comes as a kind release, but with sleep comes dreams. I know these dreams like the back of my hand. A [recurring] loop of ultraviolence and running for my life eventually giving up my life and stealing another man's body to survive. The killings are utterly graphic, every detail up close with the grit and stenches of butchering pigs, cattle and sheep that did as a young man. In one sequence of the dream I run down a hallway of a Japanese supermarket on the 50th floor chased by DNA thiefs (hey! It's MY dream! DNA thieves are part of the subconcious world, OK! At least in my head...) with hatchets, to get away I have to throw myself through the window, but the window is an inch thick and it takes 8 times running all I got straight into the goddamn wall of glass, yes that hurts... Next thing I find myself freefalling towards this pool filled with black water. And this part I hate, as I hit the water all the air is beat out of me all I can hear is this earshattering whitenoise and I know I have to make it to the surface and then I see them. Eels. Huge fuckers. Yeah of course that means getting out fast. You get it. The heart is doing 220 bpm and I'm sweating profusely. And no, it's not it's over at any certain point. This dream just keeps going, over and over and over.

"The brain trying to compensate the lacking serotonine with adrenaline and dopamines. I think the most disgusting part of the dream is when I'm beat to death with wooden clubs but manage to slip myself (yeah I know...) over to one of the assailants' minds with this little electric gizmo and then hand my own body, a big sloppy mess of broken bones and crushes muscle skin and bloody ligaments over in a plastic bag to some boss like type.

"At one point of the dream I manage sneeking in to hide at a spa resort with again — a Japanese theme to it (there's something about the Japanese thing I need to figure out...), avoiding my grandmother — who's set a hit on me, I then manage finding out she's there with her evil thugs...

"Great dream, I know. The most frustrating point of it though, is the amnesia that hits somewhere.

"I get out of a shopping centre, walk across a city square and watching this parade of bionic steroid thugs with wires coming out of their heads with all the deja vu bells going off in my head like crazy. I walk through one of those turning door things enter a small hallway, and this dude puts a gun in my hand and tells me to just 'Get that son of a bitch!' he then rushes out and I'm standing there with a gun in my hand and I know there is something I shouldn't do. I press the button for the elevators, step inside it as it opens. I look at the gun still in my hand and I reach for one of the buttons inside the elevator, the elevator doors slide shut and it hits me... Not the elevator. Then the floor disappears, everything goes black and here goes the loop again...

"A couple of times I manage to get up for some water, but head back to bed and when I wake up the next morning I am a wreck.

"Every sound, every movement is enough to create a sensation of the floor disappearing and it feels like all I can say is 'Auhhhhhhghghhghhh,' I get up with some help from my wife, eat and then call the doctor. Eight hours later I'm starting to feel alright again...

"I won't go on to explain how the day passes before my carwreck of a synaptic system recharges, but it's rough. The good thing though is understanding what the hell is going on when something like this happens. When I was younger, I had no fucking clue and guess what... that. shit. freaked. me. out.

"It's been there for as long as I can remember, but it grew stronger every year. I found I could dodge it with getting stoned or drunk, or having sex. You get the picture right? I'm still in the process of figuring out what is wrong, but I'm so glad it's not really a big problem anymore, just a really heavy inconvenience — IF I don't medicate.

"Thought I'd share that...

"Now on the other hand — tonight we hit Seattle and Blackest of The Black. Guess what... I am completely, like always, unprepared, but looking forward to this like a kid walking into a candy store.

"Let's rock!"


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