THE BERZERKER Frontman No Longer Working With 'Sweaty Men'

It has been two long years since vocalist Luke Kenny and rest of Australian masters of grind THE BERZERKER graced a stage in anger.

Completely fed up with the music industry, Luke threw in the towel in 2009 and pursued his interest in glamour photography.

Even though the members of THE BERZERKER have gone their separate ways, Luke is still in contact with Ed Lacey and Todd Hansen. Hansen has moved to Canada to pursue his drumming career, Ed Lacey has finished law school, Damien Palmer has a new metalcore band and Tim Aldridge is off playing in other bands.

Commented Luke: "Over the past 14 years, the music industry has drained every ounce of passion I had for extreme music. I was very unfilled (even when performing on stage) and at the end I was not the best person to be around.

"We played our final show in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia on Halloween and it was awesome!! Great crowd, great show, great send-off! Shortly after that I relocated to a warmer climate and started to pursue my photography career by shooting swimsuit models. I quickly got work filming for FashionTV and then started my own magazine, Evokke magazine for iPhone and iPad.

"The main difference between THE BERZERKER and Evokke is now is I spend my days with beautiful women instead of sweaty men."

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