TED NUGENT Talks About Writing Music, Killing Animals And Listening To New Rock Bands

Digital Noise Network recently conducted an interview with Ted Nugent. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Digital Noise Network: Are there any plans for you to get back into the studio and record new material any time soon?

Ted Nugent: "It's unstoppable. We've got a bunch of new songs. In fact, I've got a song called 'Bridge Over Troubled Daughters' that'll just blow you away. I got a song called 'Funk U' because I graduated from Funk University and I learned to dance and rock at Funk University and the chorus is 'Funk youuuuuuu!' (screams into the phone) It's beautiful. I got a song called 'Girl Scout Cookies' because I could eat 'em all night long. I got all kinds of outrageous songs that just pummel in the nuts of quiet night. I can't wait to get into the studio, but it probably won't happen until next February because I'm hunting non-stop 'till the middle of February of '06. Once this tour ends, I'll be killing, tracking, gutting and butchering animals seven days a week, October, November, December, January and most of February."

Digital Noise Network: Do you find it ironic that a lot of these people who are criticizing you are holding a hamburger in their hand at the same time?

Ted Nugent: "There's less and less than that. That hypocrisy is waning. It's reduced substantially. There's only a few people that are retarded enough, and that is the word that I wanna use. You must be intellectually and spiritually retarded to condemn certain consumerism as you're partaking in the exact, same consumerism (laughs). It's just. It's Ozzy-like. It's just bizarre behavior. It brings me great joy to bring it to their attention. At least society's attention. We've caused many anti-gunners to join the NRA. We've caused many anti-hunters to become hunting families. It's beautiful. We've caused many vegetarians to upgrade the quality of their sustenance by understanding the perfection of flesh protein. So I am changing the denial cult. I'm chipping away at it. It brings me great joy."

Digital Noise Network: Do you follow popular metal these days? Do you listen to rock radio or anything like that?

Ted Nugent: "I try to and some of it is really good. I love GODSMACK. The FOO FIGHTERS. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. SEETHING, or SEETHER. I like that. I like Tommy Lee's stuff. What else do I like? I know I've heard a bunch, I probably don't know the names, because I hear 'em on the radio and they don't tell me the names of the bands. But I'm not an ardent musical monitor because I'm such an ardent musical creator. I'm constantly making music and sometimes as you referenced earlier. Do I do the hunting just for the TV show or to just get away? It's all of the above. I hunt because I love to, and it also gets me away from the sonic bombast, but equally as important, the sonic bombast of my musical life is that much more pure and irreverent and uninhibited and unleashed. When I've had all this spiritual, quiet, independent time in the forests and the swamps and the marshes of America, that I need that unleashing outrage. So, my music is as unabashed as any kid with a first amplifier and a garage someplace. Every time I come out of a hunting maneuver, which is a constant activity with me. I've shot my bow and my guns already today and I'll actually be hunting this afternoon and taking a kid out. I do a lot of terminally ill kids hunts more and more these days I'm afraid, but I'm also very appreciative. The extreme polarization that is the silence and solitude of hunting, really emphasizes the outrage factor of good rock and roll and vice versa. The intensity of it, the life drain. Look at my web site, go to my web site and look at my schedule and ask me who the hell I think I am (laughs). I mean I play every fuckin' night! By the time I'm done rockin', Patrick, do you know how much I'll crave a tree stand? That's why I can fuckin' sit there for 10 hours! ‘Cause I just beat myself to death for three months, every day of the week, I wanna just go sit in a fuckin' tree. And then I become, my level of awareness soars. My reasoning predator is as reasoning and predatory as it can possibly be. I live the extremes of the extremes and they assist and augment each other."

Read the entire interview at Digital-Noise.net.


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