SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Are Looking For A Few Good (and Generous) Men

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES have posted the following message on their official web site:

"We're working on getting STudio up and running. As mentioned previous, this will be where we do a lot of the new INFECTIOUS CD. Having the studio will enable us to record music, whenever we like or need, and also allow us to work on and continue working with new bands, singers and projects. Presently we have several other bands besides the 'Big Three', SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, INFECTIOUS GROOVES, CYCO MIKO.

"We also have several producers/engineers that will be working with and for us. We will do a later update with profiles of these groups and individual producers. Right now we have a Pro Tools set up and various equipment. We have a two-part plan to get rolling.

"First, next weekend we will be working on the inside and outside of the studio, cleaning, painting, organizing etc. We're gonna film the whole process and hopefully release it with the INFECTIOUS GROOVES CD so you all can experience this (without getting paint on your clothes, lol).

"Second, it will be setting the studio for optimal sound and functionality. We have a couple different ways or options that we hope to get some of you to help with. We realize these won't be for everyone, but a couple people might be interested, so here goes.

"1) Microphones — Good vocal mics are very expensive... There's a couple we need and they all cost $1200-$2400. If any one would like to donate a mic, we'd be stoked and would offer you to sing back ups on a new song and of course you would get credit on the CD notes and on the website and at the studio.

"2) Whisper vocal booth — this is a vocal isolation booth used for singing. Once again, not cheap, but the above offer applies and of course we'd throw in a couple 'custom' things.

"3) If any of you have considered going to a music engineering school, instead of paying $15,000 to $25,000 dollars to a company, just to end up getting an internship and answering phones at midnight at a studio (if you can even get that), we are willing to teach you on the job. You can start working on the new INFECTIOUS GROOVES, get an Assistant Engineer or 2nd Engineer credit on this CD and possibly others, and learn from people (bands and producers/engineers) that actually make music.

"We would charge a fee based upon what 'direction' you would like to go. There's several options and so if you are interested, and very serious about music and a musical career, you should email [email protected] put 'Studio' in the subject, and leave your name and phone number. If you live out of the area, we can also discuss possible housing options.

"4) Executive Producer...We're willing to have an Executive Producer for the SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, INFECTIOUS GROOVES, and CYCO MIKO CDs. The Executive Producer usually helps with financing and has access to the whole recording and production process. Besides having the Executive Producer credit on all the CDs and advertising, there's other bonuses. Once again email [email protected] if you are interested and have the financial means and we'll go over the various scenarios with you.

"5) An Asian-style of the walls of the studio we would like to have done in an Asian style, i.e. pagodas, temples, Japanese gardens, et al. We would like to time lapse film it and also put it in the DVD. We'll pay for all the materials, and you'll get a portfolio piece and of course credit in the CD booklet and special on the website. Please send some samples of your work if interested to [email protected]

"And lastly, we need a tile guy, or someone that can get some discounts or has connections on getting tiles, slate and or flagstone.

"Let us know if any of this appeals to you, or if you have some ideas or suggestions. We are borrowing money to set up the studio and funding for the record releases, marketing etc. We are hiring a couple of our longtime friends and there's a lot of others that are helping us out. As we said, we hope to make 2004 the best year yet...the year of the Cyco.

"Thanx for your time, SUICIDAL"


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