STUCK MOJO Nominated For 'Anti-Idiotarian' Award

According to STUCK MOJO guitarist Rich Ward, the band was nominated by Little Green Footballs (LGF) — a principally political blog run by California web designer Charles Johnson — for an "Anti-Idiotarian" award, which honors "the person who best exemplified the constant uphill fight against moonbattitude."

To vote for STUCK MOJO, click here. You are allowed one vote, and the polls close at midnight on December 31, 2006.

According to Wikipedia, Johnson transformed his blog's discussion in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks of bicycle racing, programming, web design, and the occasional humorous news item into a very active discussion of the American War on Terror and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Although LGF is usually characterized as politically conservative or right wing, before 9/11 its webmaster sometimes expressed liberal political views and occasionally criticized United States President George W. Bush.

Rich Ward was interviewed this past Christmas Eve (December 24) by Ben Barrack of KTEM 1400 in Austin, Texas. Listen to the hour-long program at this location (Note: Ward first appears around the 23-minute mark).

Commented Ward: "[The interview] took place at eight o'clock on Sunday morning and I was about as sharp as a musician at eight o'clock on Sunday morning. Sorry for all the stuttering and the 'uhs.' Thanks again to Ben for working with me while I went on a 45-minute tangent about my frickin' Mom. I'm official retarded. I actually used the word 'retarded' in the interview. Good one, Rich!"

With STUCK MOJO's new song/video "Open Season", the band has taken a stand against the current, global jihad being waged by violent, Islamic extremists. This war is not only against America or Western Civilization, but against anyone who does not agree with their interpretation of their religion. The message of the song is perfectly clear — jihadists in America will not be tolerated.

The video for "Open Season" caused a stir among fans when it was apparently blocked, without notification, from appearing in the "Most Viewed" listings on YouTube despite its view count warranting a spot on the list. This censorship allegedly continues (as of Dec. 18, 2006) as witnessed by the fact that the video was viewed over 6,000 times during the day but still does not appear in the top 100 "Most Viewed" chart. (#100 has 1,200 views for reference.) You can view the video at YouTube here.

In a bold move, STUCK MOJO released the entire "Southern Born Killers" album, absolutely free for download via their web site at The response has been overwhelming both in terms of sheer number of tracks downloaded as well as people purchasing a hard-copy of the album directly from the band to show their support. The limited-edition CD is numbered and signed by the band and it includes a bonus DVD with the "Open Season" video, a feature on the making of the video, an interview and more. At the web site above, Rich Ward also explains the rationale behind making the CD available freely for download.

According to a press release, the strong message of "Open Season" initially prompted some people to immediately dismiss is as being anti-Muslim "which it is certainly not. It is anti-jihadist. Period." The full lyrics to the entire "Southern Born Killers" album can be found at this location.

Lastly, you can find a message directly from Rich Ward explaining the message behind "Open Season" and why it had to be written at this location.


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