STRAPPING YOUNG LAD's HOGLAN: Drums Have Taken Over As The 'Featured Instrumentalist' In Thrash

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD drummer Gene Hoglan has posted the following tour update on the group's official web site:

"So, last night, we're at the Norva, in Norfolk, Va. It's one of the nicer clubs in North America, with real friendly people, a HUGE greenroom with loads of cool amenities, and a JACUZZI in the headliners' dressing room. Wow! Now that jacuzzi, while cool in theory, is something you'd never see ol' Gene jumpin' into. Bathing in countless other bands' 'egg-drop soup'. Wicked. Sign me up. Maybe set that thing on fire 2 or 3 times, then I might consider it...

"But the day was great, the show was killer, and everybody was rockin'. Sat in for Raymond [Herrera, FEAR FACTORY drummer] again for soundcheck, played 'Replica' a little better this time. And a piece of '540 BillionTrillion Degrees'. I was ready to slaughter some 'Self-Bias...', but I guess that was enough. Later on, after SYL played, I got to watch the Cowboys' rollicking come-from-behind win over the Eagles. Fuck the Eagles. And the Giants and 'Skins as well. It's about time WE had a come-from-behind win this season. Seeing how it's happened to us twice now. And NOBODY foresaw T.O., the 'Franchise Destroyer,' showing his true colors this season, yeah, right. I LOOOVED it when the Eagles picked him up last season, cuz it was a no-brainer that he was gonna bring that strong team dowwwwn...

"I've been gettin' to know all the SOILWORK dudes the past couple shows, very cool dudes indeed! I'm diggin' them and their crew. Watchin' Dirk, their drummer, doin' his pre-show rudiments is pretty damn cool, and shows me how woefully behind as a drummer I am. That's one thing I like about the new breed of thrash metal musicians. In today's world, you gotta have your chops together. Back when I was starting oot, there were literally a handful of drummers who could string two sentences together, let alone play thrash in any sort of cohesive style. It was mostly a guitar-driven genre. Nowadays with all the BADASSES out there, if you're not one of 'em, you're sunk. Drums have taken over as the 'featured instrumentalist' in thrash. I've toured with and seen so many amazing drummers this year, it is truly inspiring.

"Tonight brings us to the Masquerade in Atlanta. This crazy goth club in the 'hood, owned up 'til recently by the IMPOTENT SEA SNAKES. It's a pretty decrepit building, but with tons of character. It's always a venue ya look forward to playing. STRAPPING has had some very memorable shows here, and I'm sure tonight will be one of 'em.

"Well, I know I said the other day that I was done writing these blogs for awhile, that was before I remembered that the whole reason I'm writing these is to combat boredom. And fuck, it can get boring on the road. Especially since I gave up having fun. But, as I type, Byron's super-duper, tricked-out, ultra-chipped XBox is getting tons of new stuff dumped onto it over on the other bus. YAY! 'Burnout: Revenge' bus parties here we come! Fuck, we're dorks.

"Oh yeah, a couple of guys have asked me aboot the cheesesteak-eating contest. Well, it didn't happen. Thankfully! But we had sort of a pre-dawn cheesesteak contest of our own. Damn, 'Pat's' was PACKED at 4am, when I ran over there. The line at 'Gino's' was a little shorter, but, I had 'Gino's' last time I was in Philly, so 'Pat's' it was. Well-worth it, too. 'Pat's' is way better. But , that's like saying 'Alpo is better than Mighty Dog.' When it comes to cheesesteaks, yuh just cain't polish a turd.

"Cool! Bobby Koeble from DEATH just called me! Gonna see him tomorrow, righteous.

"Wow, our tourbus smells really bad. Like butt, feet and salami. Had all that on a pizza once, didn't care for it.

"Alright people, have fun! Jedly's blog is on the way..."


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