STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Begin Writing Material For New Album

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD drummer Gene Hoglan has posted the following tour update at the band's official web site:

"What's happening? We're pulling into Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I've got my eyes peeled for that 900 ft. Jesus. I don't see anything. But hey man, if Jesus saves, I'd like to know where he shops...

"Our three shows in Texas were wicked indeed. Houston, Ft. Worth, and San Antonio, all righteous. Texas has always been a strange place to play, sometimes it's fully stormin', sometimes it's blah. This time it was rockin'. In Ft. Worth, we played this ex-movie theater, the Ridgelea. No lightshow to speak of, but FEAR FACTORY had a pretty stormin' slideshow, all thrown together on-the-fly by Burton [C. Bell, vocals]. Nice work, budday...

"In Houston, I got to hang with my bro Kevin Radomski from Pro-Mark Sticks, and he filled me in on the fact they're selling my signature sticks in the stores now, kind of a limited run, but still pretty neato for me!

"A super-cool thing aboot the last couple of days is that we've started writing the next STRAPPING album in the back of the bus. Hey, something exciting has to go on there, it's aboot time! We're psyched, anyway. We're just tossin' around a bunch of riffs and ideas. Dev [Townsend, guitar/vocals] always cracks me up, he's all like, 'Dude, I can't write heavy riffs anymore,' then he starts peelin' out these balls-out heavy riffs, like they're nothin'. Righteous. There are so many exciting things happening for us right now, like this tour, for instance, that keeping the ball rolling is the premium for us.

"Wow, this venue we're at today is called Cain's, and it seems to be one of those legendary country venues. A total 'Bob's Country Bunker' indeed. 'Howdy, we're the Good Ol' Strapping Young Blues Brothers Boys Lad Band...' Where's the chicken wire? One thing I noticed while perusing the Cain's Hall of Fame, is if your name ain't Hank, Bob, or Tex, your photo does not go up there.

"Holy crap! I just let a few hours roll by, and caught the DARKANE set, and Jesus, this venue makes your fuckin' eyeballs shake! A crazy, warped-to-shit parquet floor that vibrates EXTREMELY with every kick drum hit. Man, I was gettin' dizzy watchin' DARKANE, that was awesome! I can only imagine what STRAPPING's bassbombs did...people were probably pukin' AND shittin' their pants! Not a bad deal. We're better than ipecac and Ex-lax! Speaking of Ex-lax, any of you ever make Ex-lax chocolate chip cookies for your teacher? Try it dudes, they'll love ya for it.

"Tomorrow is Albequerque. At the venue where some bouncer murdered a girl upstairs and SHOVED HER BODY INTO A CRAWLSPACE. No one knew she was there til the body started to reek. Wow. Humans are neat."


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