STARWOOD: Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

Frontman Lizzy (a.k.a. Lizzy Borden) of the Los Angeles-based rock outfit STARWOOD has released the following excerpts from his journal of STARWOOD's recent promotional tour of Japan:

"About six hundred girls, all screaming for a band called STARWOOD. Our first show in Japan (sold out) was one that we will never forget. We want to thank the band DUST N BONES (the band we shared the stage with) for the backstage after-party, it was a blast.

"We filmed the show and I think the club filmed it as well, so I'm sure it will be bootlegged by tomorrow; I'll go to airs (a really great DVD bootleg place) and buy it before this trip is over.

"We partied after the after-show party at (the Rainbow of Japan) a club called Current. They had a wild Halloween party and it was packed with lots of devils and sexy witches running around getting crazy. The horns were up! And so was the sun….ahhhhh!

"Girls! Girls! Girls! Rock and roll brings out all the girls; everyone is diving in headfirst.... We have a whole floor to ourselves at the hotel. All the rooms and hallways were filled with girls last night, and tonight promises to be even better.

"We were invited to the Cathouse of Japan, a place called The Cathouse! The club is based on the Hollywood club playing mostly '80s glam. You have never seen so many people in love with an era in music as in that packed club. As soon as we walked in, the guys who run the club brought me into the DJ both to say a few words over the mic to everyone on the dance floor. I screamed a few things I'm sure no one understood but that did not matter, everyone had a smile on their face screaming and dancing in a drunken haze having the time of their lives like it was New Year's Eve.

"We met a few girls at the Cathouse that invited us to a private party and of course we said, 'Where and when?' And they said, 'Follow us,' and like good little boys…we did…. There were about thirty people there in three different private party rooms with no shoes and no inhabitations. They really have it down in Japan, they pay up front (we were free) for all the food you can eat and all the booze you can drink and all the fun you can think of. Then after we were done being all we could be…. we realized the sun was not quite up yet so we (a nice size entourage of our new Japanese best friends) headed over to a little club that played nothing but good heavy rock. Just then the dancing on the tables started. In Japan, girls can dance in heels on tables and bars drunk and still have perfect balance. It's a sight to behold. We found out that that balance did not last very long. We held each other up as we walked chasing the sun back to the hotel with entourage in tow. Another night in Japan not wasted…nah, too easy.

"The place we're playing tonight is this very big theater where they're having a hair show for the hair color company (Manic Panic). Imagine a place with about 300 (beautiful) Japanese models and we're the band! I will kill you if you ever wake me up!!!!!
"Tonight's stage is by far the biggest stage STARWOOD has ever played. We get to use the catwalk the models did 'their thing' on and now it's our turn. 'Our thing' is to mix business with pleasure so we asked some of the hottest models if they would like to come on stage with us during our show. We had the best Marshall stacks ever made! A wall of models! I gotta tell ya, I don't think I've ever had so much fun on stage in my life. I'm not sure I was in tune, but who cares!!!

"There is a place near our hotel we we're told is the most crowded intersection in the world. Thousands and thousands of people walk across the street every few minutes. That is to me the perfect place for a STARWOOD photo shoot!

"We all fell in love with Japan. When we were there we never wanted to leave and when we left we only want to come back as soon as we can get a record out and book a flight. The food, the women, the atmosphere, the unbelievable amount of people getting out of each other's way, there is no place like it.

"As I look this over, I realize all I have been talking about has been girls, booze and rock and roll! I think I may have found the answer to the question posed in our song 'What's your damage?' You have to go buy the record to find the question that has obviously been answered on this journey.

"This band was built for fun and in my opinion we built the perfect fun machine! And Japan is the perfect place to fire that baby up and take it for a spin…this was just a little taste, AND I WANT MORE!

"We will say goodbye to Japan, for now, but we will be back with a new record and a whole new thirst for all that Japan has to offer. TODAY JAPAN, TOMORROW, THE WORLD!"

STARWOOD recently completed pre-production for the follow-up to their debut album, "If It Ain't Broke, Break It!", which was released in July 2004 through Metal Blade Records. The band will start recording before the end of the year with a release tentatively planned for sometime in early 2006.


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