SOLITUDE AETURNUS: 13 New Songs In The Can

John Perez, guitarist of the long-running Arlington, Texas-based doom metallers SOLITUDE AETURNUS, has posted the following update on the band's current activities:

"I've been silent for so long that I thought I'd give a little update. Things are finally looking good for [SOLITUDE AETURNUS]! We have actually made a 13-song demo of our new stuff in a home studio and it sounds heavy as fuck. Right now we're working on vocal arrangements, lead work and just general nitpicking. Regardless I'm certain that we'll be ready to record the material in September.

"The demo is in very rough form, but we might just take one or two songs and finish it up proper and post it on the Brainticket site just so everyone knows that I'm not bullshitting when I say we have 13 finished songs. I don't like making demos available for the simple reason that the listener (including ourselves) gets used to the demo recording (for better or worse) and when the actual album version comes out it's never the same for the listener (usually in a negative way). But it's been so freakin long that the supporters (you) deserve some proof eh?

"I think there was a rumor that Robert [Lowe] was no longer singing. Not true — he is the vocalist for [SOLITUDE AETURNUS] and will be for this next album. [SOLITUDE AETURNUS] is not [SOLITUDE AETURNUS] without Robert.

"As for the usual ultra delays on our part, basically we're only able to coordinate our schedules so that we get together once a week so consider that's only 4 times a month. We'd all like to step it up a bit but it just hasn't worked out as [SOLITUDE AETURNUS] is not #1 priority in any of our lives at this time. It's still very important, believe me (or I wouldn't be typing this out) but other things just take priority for now. I have been severely stressed out of my mind trying to keep Brainticket Records going (times are beyond tough right now in terms of selling quality heavy music) and honestly my brain has been overloaded for well over a year now with stress. If [SOLITUDE AETURNUS] paid my bills or even gave me beer money I'd be inclined to do an album every year and tour but it hasn't, doesn't and never will I'm afraid. So I'm happy to make music when I (we) can and are willing.

"Anyone in the Dallas/Ft Worth area be sure to catch the doom metal tour of the year at the Underworld on Aug 19th with MORGION, ORODRUIN (excellent traditional doom metal!!!), MOURNING BELOVETH, and THE PROPHECY. It will crush.

"And lastly I'm finally working on the first re-issue from [SOLITUDE AETURNUS] with 'Into the Depths of Sorrow'. I'm putting it together now and will have it ready to print by months end. Demo versions of 'Opaque' and 'Mirror of Sorrow' will be on the re-issue that I always thought were superior to the album versions. Anyone that wants to give me $4613.13 for my manufacturing/mastering/artlayout/advertising expenses for this project I'd be more than willing to take it.

"Ok - thanks for everyone's patience. I know it sux when a band doesn't get shit out as quick as you want (I'm still waiting for the new SABBATH album with Ozzy!!!!) and I'm just as anxious to get this next album out as anyone so hang in there! - John Perez/SOLITUDE AETURNUS/Brainticket Records"


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