Virginia Beach, Virginia death metal trio SOLACE OF REQUIEM has issued the following update:

"Friday, May 11th and Saturday, May 12th SOLACE OF REQUIEM will be back on the road. The first of their two shows is in Superior, Wisconsin at Bev's Jook Joint. There the band will be teaming back up with the Twin Ports area grind band JAUNDICE for a reunion show of sorts. Last year the two bands got together for a small tour of the Midwest United States as well as a few prior performances together during SOR's earlier tours that brought them through the Twin Ports area. This show will mark the first time the bands have been on the same stage in quite some time. SOLACE OF REQUIEM and JAUNDICE will be joined by SHATTERED GRAVE, who like JAUNDICE, also hails from the Twin Ports area. The lineup will also feature UNDER EDEN and LOADED CHAMBER from Minnesota's Twin Cities.

"The Milwaukee Metalfest 19 will be SOR's second and final show in their two-show schedule. There the band will join over 100 bands scheduled to play this year's festival. Among the many already famous and up 'n coming acts on the lineup, there are a definite few that make being a part of this year's festival an extreme honor in the eyes of the band. Not only will the festival have one of Chris Young's first guitar influences in the band WRATH, but the festival will also bring back (seemingly from the dead) one of the Florida elder gods, RESURRECTION, for a performance that is scheduled to take place on the same day that SOR is scheduled to play. SOLACE OF REQUIEM is looking forward to playing with all the great bands on the MMF19 lineup, but sharing the stage with RESURRECTION is something that the band is very excited about. And who could blame them.... Now I'm sure we can all remember the early 1990s when we were resting in our homes, eating human waste and drinking the urine from our dogs! And although we felt insane when we did this, we liked it... And we owe it all to RESURRECTION!!

"Former SOR drummer lands a deal with Ironclad Recordings. Joe Walmer and his progressive death metal band ALETHEIAN have signed a deal with Trevor Phipps (UNEARTH) and his recording label Ironclad. Joe was the drummer for the 'Utopia Reborn' album as well as SOR's tour drummer for a full year. SOLACE OF REQUIEM would like to wish Joe and ALETHEIAN good luck toward a bright future with their new label. SOR has recently left their former recording label Ruptured Silence Records and hopes to follow suit with ALETHEIAN by landing a new record deal in the very near future. The plan is to create a pre-production demo of their new material that is scheduled to be recorded in Germany this autumn with sound guru Andy Classen at Stage One Studio. Andy Classen, who was the guitarist for the German thrash band HOLY MOSES, may be more well known currently for his engineering work and the production of albums from bands such as KRISIUN, ROTTING CHRIST, BELPHEGOR, NAGELFAR, GRAVEWORM, SINISTER, DEW-SCENTED, ASPHYX, TANKARD and many others. SOLACE OF REQUIEM hopes to shop the demo to prospective labels starting in the late fall or early winter of this year. The new material is more technical than any of the other albums SOR has written in the past and it's also more advanced in song structure. Not to mention a hell of a lot faster! So Andy seemed to be an excellent fit for the kind of production the band will be going for on the new material. Both sides are very excited to be working with each other this autumn and both sides also appear to be very eager to get things moving. With Andy's help, some luck and a lot of hard work, SOLACE OF REQUIEM will be able to join the ranks with their good friend Joe and announce a new record label in early 2008..."


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