SEPULTURA Frontman Issues Fourth Update From India

SEPULTURA frontman Derrick Green has posted the fourth entry in an ongoing tour diary covering the band's first-ever appearance in India. It reads as follows:

"We have a long travel day ahead of us to Shillong and we check out of the hotel at 5 in the morning and head to the airport. We will have a layover in Kolkata (Calcutta) then go to Guwahati and when arrive there we will have a four-hour drive because of road construction to Shillong.

"The landscape flying into Guwahati is very different than Delhi. There is much more green and mountains in the area. We are close to Burma, Nepal.

"We land and file into 5 different cars. I already start to notice that people look different. There is more of an Asian element mixed with the people that I notice and less traffic. The roads don't seem that bad at first but there are cows lying casual all over the two-lane highway. The landscape is beautiful and as we slowly drive upwards into the mountains the poverty level seems to be rising. I start to notice shacks as houses and poorly naked malnourished kids on the side of the road.

"The road was hardly a road and we weaved are way around trucks that were hauling everything that you can imagine. I'm nervous and speechless the entire ride and it continues to get worse. The road at times turns into almost a dirt road with rocks used to fill the potholes. Cars are racing past us and we are passing trucks without truly seeing what's coming towards us. It's a deadly game of cat-and-mouse which is what makes everyone nervous.

"The sun sets early over here this time of the year and we make it into the city just at sunset. There is a massive billboard for the show in the midst of crumbling shanty houses.

"I'm relieved to arrive because I felt that anyone of us could have been in a horrible accident and it was all extremely nerve-racking, but I'm happy to arrive.

"The town reminds of a scene from an Indiana Jones movie and the city is functioning with the bare minimum.

"I'm at a loss of words — I have never been to a place like this before but I stay optimistic: We have survived and we will be able to play for people that never expected us to ever play there and feel that they will appreciate every minute of it.

"There are many problems with everyone's rooms but I'm so exhausted that I really don't care I just need to lay down and close my eyes and not be in motion."

In a recent interview with Romania's Metalhead TV, SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser stated about the band's current touring/recording plans, "Our intention, really, is to play as much as we can to prepare this band to start writing new material. So we're gonna start writing a new album at the end of the year, hopefully to release next year, sometime in the second [half of 2008]."

Back in March, SEPULTURA filmed the second video from their "Dante XXI" album, for the song "Ostia". The clip was shot at a studio in São Paulo prior to the band's departure for their European tour. During the following week, the video crew and the main actor shot the outdoor scenes in downtown São Paulo. The script, which adapts the story from the book "The Divine Comedy" to the modern days, was directed by Geraldo Moraes.

SEPULTURA performing in New Delhi, India - October 28, 2007:

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