SEPULTURA Bassist's THE UNABOMBER FILES To Release 'The Enemy…' EP

SEPULTURA Bassist's THE UNABOMBER FILES To Release 'The Enemy…' EP

THE UNABOMBER FILES, the Brazilian extreme metal project featuring SEPULTURA bassist Paul Xisto Pinto Jr. alongside current/former members of EMINENCE and THE MIST, will release a new EP, "The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Best Friend", later in the year.

A teaser for the EP is available below.

THE UNABOMBER FILES's video for the song "Buried In My Bunker" was directed by Leandro Miranda. The track comes off THE UNABOMBER FILES's last six-song EP, which was released in 2013.

Formed in April 2009, THE UNABOMBER FILES' goal is "to play simple and heavy raw music with sarcastic lyrics," according to a press release. Lyrical excerpts include "When I look at you all, I just can see you all in pieces" ("Borderline"); "The skill of making a curve or a perfect circle with your brand new wheelchair" ("Buried In My Bunker"); and "My sarcastic scream disrespects your silence. My fake painted smile…It's time to count up all those opened graves" ("The Clown").


Allan Wallace (EMINENCE) - Guitar
Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. (SEPULTURA) - Bass
Vladimir Korg (THE MIST) - Vocals
André Márcio (EMINENCE) - Drums

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