Jesse Capps of recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: It's been a few years since we've got to hear a true Sebastian Bach CD. It's got to feel good knowing that "Angel Down" is just around the corner.

Bach: "Absolutely! I've been working on 'Angel Down' for seven years. I did a record in 2005 that was under the radar called 'Absence of Apathy' for a project called FRAMESHIFT II. The first FRAMESHIFT project featured James LaBrie from DREAM THEATER. It's progressive metal and it may as well have been called a Sebastian Bach record. I co-wrote seven songs on that record. Metal Edge named it one of the top metal records of 2005. 'Angel Down' is more what you'd expect from me. It's hard-ass rock that is fun and real energetic. If you dig metal screams you will definitely dig 'Angel Down'! I made sure there were lots of screams on the record." Since you spent seven years working on "Angel Down", what's the oldest track on the record?

Bach: "The oldest track is the last track that I wrote with Desmond Child, 'Falling Into You'. Funnily enough, that was 100% Jason Flom again. When I was in the 'Jekyll and Hyde' musical, the big show stopper song was 'This Is The Moment'. It's a soaring, long, clear ballad kinda along the lines of 'I Remember You'. Jason came backstage and told me he wanted me to write a song with Desmond Child. I said, 'Killer! Do it!' Atlantic Records sent me down to Desmond's house. I stood there in front of the piano and we both wrote 'Falling Into You'. It's the first piano ballad that I've ever had on the record. There's a lot of ear candy on the record, too. There are things you won't hear until you hear it 20 fucking times! There's stuff buried back in the mix and I dig shit like that." You [and Axl Rose] are like partners in crime. You went out on the road together, you got him in the studio. I guess you have a good time with Axl.

Bach: "I spent a better part of a year on the road with him getting fucking crazy! Axl is like a one-man LED ZEPPELIN. You wanna talk about partying 'til 2PM the next afternoon and showing people how it's done! This motherfucker is like Jack Nicholson on the microphone. I don't even know what the fuck that means! We had AVENGED SEVENFOLD out with us and they're a great band. We were in Europe. We'd do a show at the arena and Axl would go on around midnight. Then he'd go and rent out a club starting at like 5AM every fucking day! I don't know how he found those places! I was like, 'Where the fuck are we going to go at 5AM in Prague, Czechoslovakia?' Sure enough, he gets a club as the sun is coming up and our buses roll in. We stumble up these stairs as the sun is shining in and he says, 'Time to start the party!' I can't even begin to describe that tour. The AVENGED SEVENFOLD guys did their best, bless their hearts. They're a little younger than us! The drummer was the last one standing in that band and he's a fucking alcoholic! He reminded me a lot of Duff McKagan from the 'Use Your Illusion' tour. The way he walked, talked and the way he slurred every other word. I love the guy!"

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