ROB ZOMBIE Laments 'The Death Of The Album'

Andrew Gargano of Metal Edge magazine (web site) recently conducted an interview with Rob Zombie. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Metal Edge: Is it true you wanted to give it all up at one point?

Zombie: "Not really, it was always a notion. Towards the end of all the touring for 'Sinister Urge', touring had become a drag again, because the band relations had once again broken down. When a band's not getting along, it's just such a drag. It is the greatest job in the world until no one gets along, then it's just misery.'

Metal Edge: "Then it's a job.

Zombie: "That's kind of what happened. Then I went off to make the ['The Devil's Rejects'] movie. I was like, 'Well, this I love, this is a drag.' I hadn't really given it up, but the thought was there. Then I did this benefit show with this band CAMP FREDDY, and John 5 came up and played. We played 'Thunderkiss' [by WHITE ZOMBIE], and we had a great time together. I thought, 'If I ever play again, he'd be fun to play with.' We were talking, 'If you do Ozzfest, I really want to play,' he said. Then Ozzfest came up, and it was still in the back of my mind that I wasn't going to do it. We found a great drummer in Tommy Clufetos, who's another super-cool guy. We all got together with Blasko [bass]; the chemistry was right, and we went on tour. That was like the most fun I've ever had on Ozzfest; after 20 years of touring, that was the most fun. We got all excited. We decided we'd make a record as soon as we came home, and that sort of kicked it all back into motion again."

Metal Edge: How do you feel about everyone running around with iPods?

Zombie: "It's all fine; it's just the new way things are done. I like having an iPod, I like having music on my computer, and it makes life easy. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's the death of the album. For some things it doesn't matter, but I grew up thinking an album was an experience from start to finish. You didn't just download the three best songs. Sometimes there's a flow. The song '100 Ways' may not seem like a song to download, but it makes sense when it's sandwiched between the other songs on the album. Pretty soon it won't matter though, because what will probably start happening is bands won't make albums; they'll start releasing a new song every month, like they used to in the old days; they weren't releasing albums, they were releasing singles. Then they'd gather up all the singles and call it an album. Some of my favorite records were 'Welcome to my Nightmare' and KISS' 'Destroyer'. I like every song, and I like they flow from one to the next. I miss that. I don't want to just download 'Beth', you know?"

Metal Edge: With the current state of music, can a band today reach the status of metal bands a decade ago or has the industry changed completely?

Zombie: "Oh, yeah, I'm sure bands can; it just gets more difficult. I would say, tehre's always gonna be new bands that are making it big, but I see how it gets harder and harder. There are just less and less opportunities, you know? Back then it seemed like there was more radio; MTV actually played videos, but now you just… it seems like there's fewer and fewer outlets for the people. Fewer and fewer metal magazines, fewer everything. Most bands seem like they sign to a major label, make one record, and they're gone. It's a hard business to survive in, and it seems like it gets harder every day."


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