RIBSPREADER, the Swedish "old-school death metal" band featuring guitarist/vocalist/bassist Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, CARVE, HUMANITY DELETE), have posted the following message on their official web site:

"RIBSPREADER has signed a one-album (but possibly more) deal with the reactivated Dutch label VIC Records. The album is ready to be released and features killer artwork/layout by Juan Castellano who has done great stuff for VOMITORY and INCANTATION among others. There will be 10 songs on the album, which all range from great to even greater (no need to be modest when you're drunk, right?) and the album will definetly compete in terms of quality with the debut 'Bolted To The Cross' (wich as everyone knows kicks the ass of the second album 'Congregating The Sick'). The mix/mastering was done by not-very-known (aren't we hilarious?) producer Dan Swanö, and this time he really managed to implement the old Unisound feeling in the result wich makes us very horny, as well as a bit happy too. Very happy actually.

"What else to say about this upcoming slab of rot? Ah, the title of course: 'Serenity In Obscenity'.

"Other news are that Malaysian label Summers End Records (via sub-label Unburied Records) will release a little treat for all you ten people really enjoying what we do here in Ribland. They'll unleash a very small print of a bunch of completely unreleased songs we did a while back, which will be named 'Church of the Zombie (Re-Excavated Death)'. These songs are not the usual type RIBSPREADER stuff however. We took a bunch of old unused riffs, as well as some newer ones, and downtuned the guitars to a low G or something. Point is that the shit sounds almost as sick as it was to play (we didn't really bother to get much thicker strings as we are poor/lazy/stupid...). We also produced the shit in our own studio to make it sound not very good. So expect something sounding like a bunch of retards playing ultra-low covers of the simpler IMPETIGO and CARNAGE songs. It actually sounds quite cool, and the coverart done by Polish artist Klaudiusz Witzcak is a nice mix of coolness (patented Swanö word) and total absurdity, which should go nice with the music. From what the label has mentioned the packaging of the album will also be something very exclusive and it might even contain patches and shit like that. We don't really know.

"What else? Obliteration Records will release a compilation with old unreleased RIBSPREADER stuff as well. This album is packed with everything from quite new unreleased demos to really old spew that maybe even should have been left alone. But who cares? We don't. 18 or something tracks ranging from trademark oldscool Swedish death to REPULSION-ish grind and worse. Great artwork by Brazilian genius L.A Anderson (who did the artwork for 'Congregating The Sick'), which feels cool to use as we have had it laying around for years but never before gotten around to use before. This compilation will for sure appeal to people into dirty grinding death, who also like to spend their money on utter shit. Just kidding, most songs are fucken great and once again we prove to ourselves that we have too much sparetime as we actually had fucken 18 tracks just laying around unused.

"Last but not least, RIBSPREADER will also release a split 7" with Spanish grind/crust masters MACHETAZO sometime this year. Everything is ready and recorded, and our side of the split will contain the two songs 'This Place is Rot' and 'Abortion Van'. As for artwork on this we have no idea as the files were sent in a drunken state to the MACHETAZO guys. It might be just be the logo, or with some luck some nude shots of the RIBSPREADER mascot (your grandma...)

"That's it. Don't expect any more updates until late 2009. Then you will be pleasantly surprised if we manage to do any before that."


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