Reunited 'Animosity'-Era Lineup Of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: First Video Footage

Video footage of the reunited classic "Animosity" lineup of CORROSION OF CONFORMITYMike Dean (bass, vocals), Woody Weatherman (guitar) and Reed Mullin (drums) — performing the songs "Animosity" and "Loss For Words" this past Saturday (July 31) at The Pour House in Raleigh, North Carolina can be viewed below.

With the twenty-fifth anniversary of the classic "Animosity" album approaching, the original incarnation of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY played its first live show in over twenty years last Friday (July 30) in Asheville, North Carolina.

The reunited trio announced last month that it has recorded a new seven-inch single, "Your Tomorrow (Parts 1 and 2)", which will be available at all current tour dates and via Southern Lord's web site.

In a recent interview with the "Maximum Threshold" show, Weatherman stated about CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's plans for the immediate future, "We're kind of just getting geared back up after being kind of down for the last three or four years or whatever. We've got a little seven-inch [single] coming out in a couple of weeks, and we're headed out to the West Coast for that Southern Lord mini-tour thing. And we've got a bunch more dates coming up.

"We're doing this three-piece thing [and] planning a [full-length] record, doing the whole deal. I think later on we're gonna venture back in and do the four-piece thing again with Pepper [Keenan; CORROSION OF CONFORMITY guitarist/vocalist, who is not part of the "Animosity" lineup] — that's what everybody wants to do — but for now, for this year, we're doing this three-piece deal."

Regarding the direction of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's new music, he said, "Man, the new stuff we're writing is pretty crazy. I'm not gonna say that it floats all the way back to the super-, super-old-school stuff, but it's definitely heading in that direction."

On whether the new material will have a raw sound or if it will be highly produced:

"Nah, nah — we're not going for the highly produced stuff this go-around. It's pretty raw stuff — it's a little along the faster side of what we do. But, I mean, it's always C.O.C. — we don't ever leave what we do — but we're definitely living it up going back a little more old school on this deal.

"It's fun. It's fun to have Reed back. 'Cause, hell, he's been gone for 10 years. He took a pretty good break, but he's back on it now, man, and he's just as sick as ever."

When asked who is producing the new CORROSION OF CONFORMITY album, Woody said, "So far it's me, Reed and Mike, which is crazy. Mike is, like, the wizard in the studio, man. We're doing it... It's up here at my place, we just set a studio up in this big building that I've got. As far as whether these recordings will wind up being the actual record, I don't know, but we did the seven-inch up here, and... You know, Mike Dean, man, he's been at the controls of a lot of our stuff we've done — even the last couple of records, he's really joined in on the fun of helping to record it and all that stuff. I think it's gonna be self-produced this time around. We're having too much fun to turn it over to somebody else."

On the topics of how CORROSION OF CONFORMITY plans to get its new music out there, Woody said, "I think the world is different now, the music world. Heck, I don't know what route we're gonna go. Like I said, the seven-inch is coming out on Southern Lord; those dudes are pretty cool. I wouldn't mind doing the whole record with those guys, [but] I don't know what the future is.

"Man, you don't have to go with the giant labels anymore — it's almost kind of a hindrance, with the Internet and everything and the downloads and whatnot. It's like a different world now. And I don't totally understand it. It's not like it was ten years ago, that's for sure. It's kind of cool. I mean, you don't have to rely on that kind of stuff, which is kind of... It put a lot of label people out of work, which blows, but it's good for the bands, I think, 'cause you can control your own destiny, which is what we're doing. I love it. 'Cause right now we're free and clear [from any contractual obligations to labels], man — we don't owe nobody nothing and we're going for it."

Woody Weatherman interviewed on "Maximum Threshold" (click on player below to launch audio):

Mullin co-founded CORROSION OF CONFORMITY in 1982 as a hardcore punk act alongside Weatherman and Dean before leaving the band in 2001 amidst health concerns.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's latest album, "In the Arms of God", came out in 2005 on Sanctuary Records. The group's first collection of new material since 2000's "America's Volume Dealer" was produced by C.O.C.'s longtime collaborator John Custer.


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