PRO-PAIN Guitarist's BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION To Release New Album In September

BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION, the Pittsburgh-based hardcore band featuring PRO-PAIN guitarist Eric Klinger, will release its third CD, "The Book of Mourning", on September 29 via Da' Core Records.

Since the release of 2003's "Resurrected", BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION has made the gradual ascension to the top of the hardcore metal heap. A bevy of live shows, highlighted by the band's unrelenting brutality, has garnered the band a devoted following, one that should devour their latest offering. Highlighted by tracks like "Perish" and "Drowning In Disgust", the new CD "is a little more metal, but it's still hard," states guitarist and founding member Derek Kovacs. "There will be some guys who may want to hear more two-step parts, but they will be wrecking people when we play. People into metal will accept this disk more than 'Resurrected'. Even though 'Resurrected' was a heavy record, it was more on the hardcore side of things. A band has to grow and evolve or people (and the band) get bored. Who wants to hear the same album over and over again? I think 'The Book of Mourning' will set us on our way to gain popularity with both metal and hardcore fans. I also like the fact that even though the material is a little different, you know it's BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION."

The guitar tandem of Kovacs and Klinger are purveyors of some of the catchiest and most agile riffs the hardcore metal scene has heard in years, as the band's expansion into more musically creative territories laid the groundwork for "The Book Of Mourning".

"Klinger and I are looking for a little more stimulation on guitars, so that prompted some of the more "metal" riffs," relates Kovacs. "The drums are also more involved than the last record. Believe it or not, we actually tuned up for this album! All this bullshit now with baritone guitars and everyone tuning to B, we decided to take the other route by letting the heaviness of the riff take over. This album has a darker sound than the last. I personally like the direction we are going in."

Tying into the darker sound is refocused lyrical slant, which according to Klinger, was born out of life experiences.

"'The Book Of Mourning' has a theme base, although not all songs relate directly to that theme," notes Klinger. "That general theme could be interpreted by some to be anti-religious. It is an extreme point of view fueled by personal experience in dealing who those who know not how to take things in moderation. Religion is not necessarily a bad thing, and we are definitely not trying to portray that it is. But when those matters disrupt my personal life, my space, keep me from living my life, then it becomes a problem and I won't go quietly physically or mentally. Even self-proclaimed righteous pricks will fuck you for love or money — [they] say one thing and do another time after time. I've seen it all too much."

The success of "Resurrected" was built largely upon the band's success in the live arena. With soon-to-be crowd favorites like "The Immaculate Rejection" and "Faith In Destruction" in tow, Klinger hopes to capitalize off this steady progression.

"I am a big fan of the saying 'action speaks louder than words' you must, at all times, have something to prove," relates Klinger. "If you don't, then there is no fire in what you do. It then becomes just a matter of going through the motions. BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION has proven with this record that it is more than just an average hardcore or metal band and we will not be pigeonholed into a subcategory. Each record is quite different and will continue to be so. Writing the same record over and over just seems a bit senseless."

Approaching almost a decade in the hardcore game, BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION is without question, the premier hardcore metal act in Western Pennsylvania. Fully appreciative and understanding of what got his band to where it is, Kovacs points to BUF's devoted fanbase for inspiration.

"These motherfuckers throw down for us," he finishes. "They'll drive to see us out of town, buy our merch and we can't thank or say enough positive things about them. Trends come and go, but these guys always show up for us."

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