PARADISE LOST Guitarist's VALLENFYRE: New Song 'Scabs' Available For Streaming

PARADISE LOST Guitarist's VALLENFYRE: New Song 'Scabs' Available For Streaming

VALLENFYRE, the U.K. death metal band featuring Gregor Mackintosh, songwriter and guitarist of PARADISE LOST, alongside members of MY DYING BRIDE, AT THE GATES and DOOM, will release its second full-length album, "Splinters", on May 12 in Europe and on May 13 in North America via Century Media Records. The CD's simple-yet-striking cover artwork was created by Brian D'Agosta, who previously drew a logo for VALLENFYRE bassist Scoot's other band, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND, as well as artwork for many other bands.

The album's opening track, "Scabs", can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below.

In 2011, Mackintosh announced that he would go back to his death metal roots with his new band, VALLENFYRE. The level of expectation was set high with a lineup consisting of Hamish Glencross (guitar; MY DYING BRIDE), Scoot (bass; DOOM, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND), Adrian Erlandsson (drums; AT THE GATES, PARADISE LOST, THE HAUNTED) local friend Mully (second guitar) — and, of course, Gregor on vocals (for the first time in his career!). Their debut, "A Fragile King", was a reference to Gregor's father's (lost) battle with cancer; the harrowing, crusty death-doom found on the album was hailed as "a beast of a record" (Terrorizer) and "a sonic force that bites deep and hard" (Decibel). Simply put, "A Fragile King" is "old school to the bone" (Rock Hard).

"VALLENFYRE was something I felt utterly compelled to do," Mackintosh said. "It was almost like I didn't have a choice.

"I was told by a bereavement counselor that I should write down and vocalize my feelings. I did just that and then everything just seemed to take a natural course."

In addition to being the main songwriter in PARADISE LOST, Greg stepped up to being the frontman for VALLENFYRE and sang for the first time, citing Karl Willetts (BOLT THROWER), Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH), Oscar Garcia (NAUSEA, TERRORIZER), Peter Steele (CARNIVORE, TYPE O NEGATIVE) as influences. "A Fragile King" turned out to be a heartfelt, cathartic and therapeutic release, which now finds it continuation on the even more abrasive and extreme second full-length, "Splinters".

Inspired by the likes of HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, AUTOPSY, ANTISECT, DISCHARGE, NIHILIST, early NAPALM DEATH, early BATHORY and CONFLICT, VALLENFYRE digs deep into the roots of extreme music, yet due to Greg's infallible songwriting skills, as well as the organic and absolutely crushing sound courtesy of Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, BLACK BREATH, BEASTMILK), "Splinters" is far away from mere nostalgia.


Greg Mackintosh (PARADISE LOST) - Vocals, Guitar
Hamish Glencross (MY DYING BRIDE) - Guitar