PAPA ROACH Frontman: 'We Were Definitely A Nu Metal Band'

PAPA ROACH Frontman: 'We Were Definitely A Nu Metal Band'

In a brand new interview with Bret Vesely of the KUPD radio station, PAPA ROACH frontman Jacoby Shaddix was asked how it felt for the band to be lumped in with all the "nu metal" groups around the time of the release of PAPA ROACH's full-length debut, 2000's "Infest". "It was always a weird thing for us," he responded (see video below). "With the nu metal kinpins, the top dogs were LIMP BIZKIT at the time, and I wasn't on the same page as Fred [Durst]. I considered myself more of a punk rocker at that time. But we weren't a punk band — we knew that we weren't a punk band. But all the bands that we played with from 1993 up to 1999, they were all the local punk groups and the emo bands, and we were the odd man out all the time. But now, I look back on it, and I'm, like, yeah, we were a nu metal band for a few years — we were definitely a nu metal band. But for us, we kind of outlived the tag of nu-metal and just became more of a rock band."

Asked how PAPA ROACH managed to survive the nu metal phase when so many other bands fell by the wayside, Shaddix said: "For us, it's a trip, 'cause there's a lot of bands — we've seen waves of bands come and go. In the nu metal era, a lot of bands just dissipated or fell apart. And there was the garage rock revolution — THE HIVES, THE STROKES, THE VINES — that kind of sound came and had its time and then it kind of went away. And then screamo came in. And then after that, it was, like… I get lost. We just keep seeing people come and go. And we're, like, all right, cool. We're still here doing our thing. We said it from the beginning — we're the cockroaches; we're gonna be around for a while."

Pressed about whether it was hard for PAPA ROACH not to try to change its sound with the times over the years, Jacoby said: "Oh, yeah. For us, even from the beginning, from where we started, we were more like a funk-punk band when we first started — more like [RED HOT] CHILI PEPPERS meets… I don't even know; just some oddball shit. CHILI PEPPERS meets MR. BUNGLE — that was kind of where we sat in the beginning. And then we got into heavier, more metal style. And that's kind of when I got into rapping, and that's when we started doing that — we became a nu metal band. And then for us, after that, we discovered classic rock, and that was a big evolution for us. I was listening to QUEEN. I've always been a LED ZEPPELIN fan. THE WHO, SUPERTRAMP — all these classic groups. THE CLASH as well. And we were discovering the old stuff, and then it influenced our band again. So then we had guitar solos in our music and our guitar player grew his hair out, and we were just like a rocker band. And we toured with MÖTLEY CRÜE… And then I fell in love with hip-hop music again, and, really, we broke all the walls down again and kind of brought it full circle in a sense. Some of the modern music we're doing now has elements of the old school, but elements of the new school. We love a wide range of music. And so, for us now, it's, like, I'm 43, and I just don't give a fuck anymore. I just wanna make music that gets me off and is inspiring to me and makes me wanna walk into the studio and get on the mic and throw down. And sometimes we hit the mark, and sometimes we don't hit the mark. But for any career band, that's gonna be the story. And so here we are, another chapter in the book, our tenth record, 'Who Do You Trust?', and we're still doing it. So I can't complain."

PAPA ROACH's tenth studio album, "Who Do You Trust?" has been described as one of the most eclectic of the band's career, ambitiously spanning a wide range of sounds and styles. The disc arrived in January via Eleven Seven.


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