OTEP Frontwoman: 'I Am Not Trashing MAIDEN, I Am Not Supporting SABBATH'

OTEP frontwoman Otep Shamaya has posted the following message in her online diary:

"Attention douchebags from around the world ... This is MY diary ... I post MY personal opinions here ... if u do not like them, don't read them ... I do not care.

"And now that it has been proven that I was not involved in the mass-egging of IRON MAIDEN most of you are emailing me upset that I am siding with SABBATH ... are you that fucking stupid and hypocritical? ... Are you honestly trying to state that, as loyal MAIDEN fans, if another band was on tour with MAIDEN, on stage, insulting them, that you wouldn't get upset with this band trashing MAIDEN? ... in front of you? ... Bullshit ... You fucking posers are doing that now ... Same as SABBATH fans ... except your anger is misguided here ... I am not trashing MAIDEN ... I am not supporting SABBATH ... I only wrote that its never a good idea to insult someone so revered as OZZY on OZZFEST ... I thought it was only fans in the pit involved, I had no idea it was this complex.

"So in light of the emotional response my tiny little journal has received, it seems apparent that some lucidity is needed here ... So this is how it appeared to me ... as a spectator ... First, I should clarify i had never seen MAIDEN live but was told they were the highlight of the tour ... So I made my way to the side-stage area near the lawn so I could see the entire stage as I was told their live show was something not to be missed ... Security was tight and i missed the opening of the set ... by the time I made it to the only open area I could find, the singer was waving an enormous British flag over the pit area ... Some boos erupted from some of the more intoxicated, Bush supporters in the crowd ... but the band kept playing and until the singer addressed the crowd, 'THIS IS A BRITISH FLAG AND THESE COLORS DO NOT RUN.' I don't think anyone in the back areas or the lawn knew what was happening ... San Berdu Ozzfests are known for their massive lawn pits and bon fires ... Then I saw someone on the far left waving a large American flag and my initial thot was band hi-jinx ... that it was all a part of the show ... I was told, let us review, that MAIDEN's live show was not to be missed ... It wasn't until security and sheriff deputies started pouring in that I knew something was wrong ... I went backstage and the rumor mill was firing out all sorts of stories ... the most constant theme was 'MAIDEN was talking shit about Ozzy and it pissed off SABBATH fans' ... Ah, that seems likely as this is a very territorial genre ... Everyone went to watch SABBATH play and the backstage cleared out ... I was chatting with my friend when they started playing, I said my goodbyes to some of the guys in SLIPKNOT, and headed back to Los Angeles ... I got home, wrote about my day in my diary, did some reading, and went to sleep ... those are the facts ... and the rest is lies, bullshit, & childish finger pointing ..."


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