Original ALICE COOPER Guitarist MICHAEL BRUCE Discusses Possible Reunion

In a brand new exclusive interview conducted by Rock N Roll Universe, original ALICE COOPER GROUP guitarist Michael Bruce discusses his new limited edition "Second Coming Of Michael Bruce: Live & Recooperated" live CD, the recently released "Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper" DVD, his days in the ALICE COOPER GROUP as well as possible plans for a reunion of the original band with producer Bob Ezrin. An excerpt from the interview follows:

Rock N Roll Universe: A couple of years ago it was reported that you were working on a new studio album by the name of "The Dark Side Of Love". What's the status on that, and when can we see that released?

Michael Bruce: "Well, here's what happened: I've got pretty much most of it done. Neal called me up, and he was telling me a story about how Bob Ezrin got out of L.A. He's from Toronto, so he wanted to be closer to his family, so Bob bought a place back there in Connecticuit and they've been hanging out and what-not. Bob had said to Neal, 'We ought to get together and do one more album.' And, that was kind of music to Neal's ears. We need to find some songs, so I guess the thing is potentially there, except I guess we have to sort of audition the songs. (Laughs) Rather than it used to be, when the band was the BAND, and we had a record deal, those were our songs, and we had to make the best of them, and guess what, they turned out to be great hits. Now that there's no band anymore, and Alice is the guy, we submit songs to Bob Ezrin and Alice, and if they don't think they're good enough, then it doesn't happen. It's very strange, to say the least. So I told Neal, 'Well, I'm putting this album out, and I've got a bunch of tunes on it that could be Cooper tunes just like they were before.' He said, 'Why don't you send some? I'll let Bob hear them, and see what he thinks.' So, I kind of held off releasing the album, and I swore I wouldn't do this again, because that's what I did with 'In My Own Way'. I held off on that, and it never happened, then I went and did 'Battle Axe' with THE BILLION DOLLAR BABIES. That almost happened, but it didn't. (Laughs) So, I said that I wasn't going to do it, but at this point in time if it could be the catalyst for us coming together again, even if it's just writing some songs, that'd be great. I'm not that much of an egomaniac that they've got to be MY songs on MY solo album. So, 'Dark Side Of Love' is sort of looming in the dark side waiting to see if the powers that be think that there's anything there that could develop into a Cooper thing. He keeps telling Neal and Alice that if there was a project, he would do it. He doesn't sit around and wait, he's booked up. It'd be interesting to see if we could get penciled in his day planner."

Rock N Roll Universe: Well, there's certainly a tremendous amount of interest in something like that happening..

Michael Bruce: "That's what I think. I just don't know if Alice knows that, or if he doesn't care, or if it would make things more complicated for him. But everybody else does it. That's the only thing that's frustrating to me, is Ozzy's been able to do it, anybody in LED ZEPPELIN, well, they could pretty much do anything, but a lot of artists have done it. Why couldn't Alice? I think pretty much by now there's the Cooper camp from the old days, then there's the new Cooper people, and there's plenty of room in between I think. Anyway, I'm going to send off a few songs from that album to Bob Ezrin and Neal, and see if it amounts to anything, and if it doesn't then I'm just going to go ahead and release it. No particular time, before my death hopefully. (Laughs)"

Read the entire interview at RockNRollUniverse.com.


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