New SEPULTURA Drummer Says It's A 'Blessing' To Play With The Band

SEPULTURA fan site recently conducted an interview with the band's new drummer Jean Dolabella (ex-UDORA). A few excerpts from the question-and-answer session follow:

Q: How did SEPULTURA gain your attention as a drummer?

Jean Dolabella: I met the guys awhile ago when they played a show in L.A. where I used to live in. But I had known their sound guy, Stanley Soares, for a long time. We did a lot of work together and recorded a few albums back in 1999, 2000. When Igor [Cavalera] decided to leave the band, Stanley told Andreas [Kisser, guitar] that he knew me and that we should jam to see what happens. Andreas called me and everything took place after that. But I've been listening to those guys since when I was really young, so it was a blessing to me to play with them.

Q: You already proved that you are a great replacement for Igor Cavalera and everybody can see how much passion you put into your drumming and how much you love to be in the band. I really would like to hear a new SEPULTURA album with you and I'm not the only one. Have Andreas, Derrick [Green, vocals] and Paulo [Xisto Pinto Jr., bass] already talked with you about a possible future CD release?

Jean Dolabella: Well, thank you! And yes, we talked about it but now we're focusing on touring and promoting the new record that's out, "Dante XXI". Let's see what's gonna happen after that.

Q: How often and how long do you practice?

Jean Dolabella: It depends on how much time I have available. When I'm on tour, for example, it's kinda hard to practice, but if I'm home doing one show here and there, I usually practice something like two hours a day or more depending on the teaching schedule.

Q: Do you still feel like you are able to add a personal touch to your work with SEPULTURA, even though you weren't part of the composing process of the SEPULTURA songs?

Jean Dolabella: Definitely! I'm really worried about the song structure and most of Igor's signature ways to play the grooves and fills and that's because of what you said, he's the guy who came up with it and the fans are waiting for that. I respect that a lot but even though I'm playing almost the same things he played, I'm throwing a lot of myself in it as well.

Q: Could you tell us some more about other projects (musical or non-musical) you are involved with?

Jean Dolabella: Yes. I just played the drums on Andreas's solo album and I've been doing some really interesting studio work as well. To me it doesn't matter what kind of music is it, I mean, I like doing some extremely different work because it's all about music. On every situation you're gonna learn something new and that makes me feel great!

Q: Growing up in Belo Horizonte [SEPULTURA's former hometown], what sort of impact has SEPULTURA made on musicians there?

Jean Dolabella: A lot of impact. Actually it's impressive how much SEPULTURA is respected here in Brazil. They inspire so many bands and I think that's awesome. It's like, they are a band that went through a lot of things and they totally made it! They got where they wanted to get and they are still going out there and making people go crazy!

The entire interview can be downloaded as a Word document at this location.

SEPULTURA's official web site was updated with links to video footage of the band's entire two-song performance on the Brazilian TV show "Programa do Jô" on September 7, 2006:

"Crown & Miter" (Video)
"Convicted in Life" (Video)

SEPULTURA's appearance on "Programa do Jô" marked the TV debut of Jean Dolabella, who replaced founding member Igor Cavalera in June 2006.

(Thanks: Markus Krispler)


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