New ANTHRAX Singer Says He's Being Treated 'Like Family'

Dixon Christie of recently conducted an interview with new ANTHRAX singer Dan Nelson. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: The big question that everyone would love to ask, and I know that you may not have the answer, is: what happened to Joey [Belladonna, former singer] this time around? We just saw him out with the band last year, and we're glad to have you on board, but people would probably be curious to know what happened to Joey Belladonna.

Dan: Well, as far as I know, all things are still good with them and, who knows, they might still do another classic reunion tour down the line, which would be awesome from a fan's perspective; I would be there front row and center. I don't know the exact details of what went down but I know that they are talking and on speaking terms and things are cool, but I guess it just didn't work out for whatever reasons. You know how it is, you know the scene, you know one thing changes the next. I know Joey is doing well with his solo project and ANTHRAX is ready to move forward with a different direction so I really couldn't answer that honestly because I really don't know too much about it. I didn't expect you to dish or anything but I knew that maybe you would know more than I did.

Dan: I wish I did, my friend, but I really don't. I try not to pry too much but I know they are still speaking with Joey and everything is cool, and he told Charlie [Benante, drums] he wishes me well, and that's cool. I love Joey Belladonna's voice and I have since I was nine years old so I think of the man as a legend and, obviously, to be helming the band that he was the front man for so long is just an honor and a half. So I wish Joey all the best of luck and who knows, like I said, maybe one day again he will be out there fronting ANTHRAX on a reunion tour and that would be cool with me. Let's talk about that. What is the schedule like for ANTHRAX in 2008, and can you tell us about the new album?

Dan: Right now I am heading out this week to meet Charlie, Rob [Caggiano, guitar] and Frankie [Bello, bass] in Anaheim, and then shortly after, on Monday, I will be meeting up with Scott [Ian, guitar] because he is going to be at Sundance this week doing the ANVIL movie. So I will meet with Scott on Monday to do some more lyric-writing in the studio for about three days and sometime in February, I think, I am heading back out to Chicago, to home base to work on some stuff. Basically that is the way it is going to go until the album is written. We are going to keep doing the pre-production stuff and we will find the right producer and the right studio and get in there and record the album and then get out there on the road supporting it. And what will you be doing in the writing process?

Dan: I have been helping out with mostly the lyrics. I haven't written anything musically yet, but I am sure if we write some new songs from scratch, which I am sure is going to happen, I have a couple of ideas I will throw out there and if they get used, cool, if not, I am cool with that too. Right now I have been writing lyrics with Scott and bouncing around song titles and song ideas and lyric ideas and melodies around too. So it's going real well. Are they giving you all the support of a full-fledged member?

Dan: Oh yeah, I can't even tell you how well I have been treated. It's like family. It's awesome, and there is nothing but respect for me and they are taking care of me in any way. If I have something to say, they let me voice my opinion. It's not just like I am a hired vocalist where they tell me to shut up and sing. It's nothing like that at all, they are very down to earth and just from day one it has felt like a brotherhood and they are just dying to get back out there and do what they do best. You know as well as I do that ANTHRAX tears up stages. They are a kick-ass live band and we plan on doing that big time in '08.

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