NASTY SAVAGE Frontman: 'People Were Always Tryin' To Fuck With My TV Sets' recently conducted an in-depth interview with notorious NASTY SAVAGE vocalist "Nasty" Ron Galletti. Several excerpts follow: In hindsight, how would you describe your early touring experiences?

Ron Galletti: "We did a lot of silly stuff like the 'Will Work For Food' tour and the 'How Many Pot Pies Can We Eat?' tour (laughs). We slept in the van to save money. Sometimes, at the end of a show, we'd announce that we were lookin' for a place to stay and every night someone would let us crash. In a way, it was cool because we were stayin' with the fans…the people that loved us the most. We'd share that time with them and be their down-to-earth friends. One night we'd be in Southeast L.A. and the next night we'd be in some mansion in Texas. A lot of the time, the tours were set up where we'd have five days off and the play one gig and then have four days off and play one gig. It was always really screwed up." How does your onstage persona differ from your actual personality?

Ron Galletti: "I always get really carried away when I was onstage. I'm actually a really mellow guy, but when I get onstage, I go on this really wicked and wild trip… Whatever it was, I would always do whatever I could to get people's attention. I always felt the things that I did might help people forget about their problems for an hour or two since what I was going through onstage was probably a lot worse (laughs). I would take TV sets — since I had worked in pro wrestling — and smash my head through them. It was a stage show, it was theatrics, but the blood was real. You can’t fake that kind of shit. I still do that stuff when we play today. I don’t know why. I don't know what’s wrong with me. I guess I just have to remind people that Nasty Ronnie is a bit more macho than the other guys. I just like to incite people. I'm not that great of a musician, so I say 'Hey, let's just put on a fuckin' show.' I want to give people something they're not gonna forget. That's why people still push me… Doin' all of this could have easily been my downfall, but I've always kept stuff around to help me keep my wounds clean. I never really got hurt too bad." All things considered, is there a specific process or ritual you go through to prepare yourself before you go onstage?

Ron Galletti: "I always go into a trance like state when I do that shit. The TV set, I would always toy with it, try to change the channels, try to make it come on. The whole time, it was just a show just to get people interested in the object. You can get more bullshit from a TV set, just junk. More newscasters try to sway to the left or the right. You can't just watch TV all the time, you need your own opinion, you need to read. Don't believe everything that you see and hear on TV. Me smashing a TV set, whether or not people caught on to it, is just me totally destroying something that people really love, because I think it's just a bunch of bullshit. I always hold the TV as my victim until the end of the night, then I would execute it, put it to death. If anyone would try to get onstage and fuck with my TV set, I'd make a spectacle of them. I'd pick 'em up and body slam 'em, throw 'em back into the crowd. It was always fun because people were always tryin' to fuck with my TV sets."

Read the entire interview at this location.


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