MY RUIN's TAIRRIE B Has No Love For Her Former Record Labels

In a recent interview with Modern Fix magazine, MY RUIN frontwoman Tairrie B. (ex-TURA SATANA, MANHOLE) blasted the group's former record labels Spitfire and Snapper Music for their failure to properly market the band's music, saying that the song "Spitfire" on their new album was written as a big "fuck you" to the company that once allegedly told them they had no intentions of promoting the group's albums.

When asked about how the group's new album, "The Horror Of Beauty", came into shape since "Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish" came out in 2000, Tairrie said, "We put 'Prayer Under Pressure' out on Snapper [in the U.K.] and they licensed both albums to Spitfire in the States and Spitfire basically told us under no circumstance were they going to promote the record. The president, who's no longer the president, Paul Bibeau told me, 'I don't like you and I don't like the band and I don't really give a shit,' but Snapper licensed them both records so they had the right to do as they wanted and we couldn't do anything about it. Then we released a live album, 'To Britain With Love and Bruises', and then I decided I was going to wait out my contract. We didn't want to re-sign with Snapper. Snapper decided last year to put a two-record collectors' set called 'Blasphemous Girl', which is basically the first two records and some b-sides without even telling us and kids on the net are like, 'Oh! You have a new record out!' . . . The release had a bunch of pictures of me, some stuff written about me in there and nothing about the band. And this year when we got our deal with Century [Media] now they [Snapper] just released a record called 'Ruined and Recalled' which is available in the States as well as the U.K., and it's the same thing again, the two same records again. They just keep milking the sounds of the band."

When asked if it was true that she was once told by an A&R guy that she was too
heavy to be a rocker, Tairrie said, "It was Brian Malouf, A&R guy from RCA Records — I have no problem saying it. We sent him a package. Some friends of ours were signed to the label. [MY RUIN guitarist] Mick [Murphy] and I were at home one day and he phoned up and he said, 'I just want to tell you that I think your sound is great, I think the band is great, the music's great, the package is great, the image is great, but I looked at a video from your U.K. tour and I was just wondering, do you have a problem with your weight? Because rock stars are supposed to be thin I'm afraid. So how much do you weigh?' And I said, 'You're fucking kidding me, right?' He says, 'I send my bands to personal trainers. To be a rock star now days you have to be thin.' . . . Phil Anselmo [PANTERA, SUPERJOINT RITUAL] does not go to a personal fucking trainer, sorry! It's one thing to get in shape and do whatever if you want to work out, do it for you like when I know I need to have my stamina up. I do my own things, but I'm not going to go out there and start getting a fucking trainer and bodybuilding so I can be skinny and thin on stage to fit a certain stereotypical image. I'm not going to do it. And I found it really insulting what he said to me, and another thing I found funny is he said, 'You're a really pretty girl. You're so pretty I could see you on the cover of magazines.' I go, 'I've been on plenty of covers of magazines. It has nothing to do with how much I weigh.' He says, 'But oh if you were thin you could be on lots of covers of magazines.' This is so insulting. . . He sat at dinner with us and he said, 'What are BRITNEY SPEARS girls going to think of MY RUIN?' I said, 'I really don't give a fuck what BRITNEY SPEARS fans or BRITNEY SPEARS thinks of MY RUIN.' [laughs] . . . That's what 'Weightless' is about [a song off 'The Horror of Beauty']. I quote him."


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