MORTAL SIN Singer: 'We Want To Get Australia On The Map In The World Of Metal'

MORTAL SIN frontman Mat Maurer has responded to the BLABBERMOUTH.NET bashers who have criticized the band's decision to reform for an upcoming album and tour.

As previously reported, MORTAL SIN's 2004 lineup features original members Maurer, Wayne Campbell on drums, and Andy Eftichiou on bass, alongside ex-ADDICTIVE guitarists Joe Buttigieg and Mick Sultana. The group will play their first gig in many years on March 5 at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney, Australia, with support coming from LYCANTHIA, KHEMIST and an as-yet-unannounced third act.

Responding to several critical comments from people who have questioned the validity of MORTAL SIN's latest comeback following the abysmal performance of the band's last reunion lineup, Maurer wrote, "It's no wonder the Australian metal scene is up the creek — as soon as a band has a little success (i.e. METALLICA), everyone puts them down.

"I'll be the first to admit the last time we got the band back together it was really shit. I certainly wasn't into it.

"If you want a good band to write good songs, you need a guitarist who can actually write metal songs. Hands up those on this forum who have written some really good songs themselves!! May you cast the first stone.

"Now check out the lineup for 2004. You see those two guys from ADDICTIVE? They kick some mean fucking ass. They write killer fucking songs.

"The reason MORTAL SIN got nowhere last time was because the songs just did not come out and there was no passion because the lineup sucked. I guarantee you this: This lineup in 2004 is by far the best lineup we have ever had. That includes the 'Face of Despair' [1989] lineup. The passion is dripping out of the sweat. The passion is coming out of the shredded guitarists fingers. The passion is what will make this comeback (NOT REUNION!) memorable.

"If you call yourselves metalheads you'll either check out this gig at The Annandale and form your own opinions or catch up with us after we have released the album when it's done.

"Why are we doing this? Have you ever done something and felt you could have gone that one step further? The members of MORTAL SIN, i.e. myself, Wayne and Andy, wanna finish what we started — and that was to get Australia on the map in the world of metal. How many other Australian metal bands since 1985 have signed to a major label. How many other Aussie metal bands have played overseas (not as many as there should have been), and how many Aussie metal bands have carried the torch for Australia in true and proper fashion???

"Let's not bag every band who wants to have a go, but get behind them so we Aussies can compete against the rest of the world and show them what we've got. In the old days you used to see a long-haired dude walking down the street and you would say 'G'day' and talk about the latest metal release. These days people have become sooo judgemental about how someone looks or acts.

"I hope we can see as many of you down at The Annandale on Friday March 5, and lets just have some FUN. Remember FUN?

"Cheers from Mat — vocalist"

MORTAL SIN are currently writing material for their new album, "Far From Extinction", tentatively due this summer. An Australian tour will follow.


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