METALLICA Co-Manager Marries British Conservative Party Politician

According to, British Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) Louise Bagshawe has revealed that she has married Peter Mensch a co-owner of Q Prime, a talent management company that handles the careers of such artists as METALLICA, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, SHANIA TWAIN and JOSH GROBAN. The ceremony took place in secret earlier this month, with Bagshawe telling the Daily Telegraph, "It was a small, private ceremony in Manhattan and I'm back at work next Tuesday."

It was reported last December that Mensch sold a home at 267 W. 11th St. in New York City for $7.25 million on November 12, 2010. The 4,749-square-foot house was built in 1910 in the Greenwich Village Historic District.

In a 2008 interview with the None But My Own blog, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich stated about how METALLICA landed its management deal with Q Prime, "It [was] the summer of '84 and had done a couple of things at that point. We'd done the VENOM tour in Europe [February 84] and recorded 'Ride The Lightning' [album] in Denmark we also did a bunch of dates with TWISTED SISTER in June and then we were back in the States, completely broke. I mean, no money at all. In fact I was still borrowing money from my mom for rent. So where James [Hetfield] and I were living at the time, of course, we didn't have a phone. So we're in July 1984 and I got a message from a guy named Xavier Russell, who was a good friend and one of the first writers at Kerrang! He got a message to me to call him, so I went over to the pay phone and when I had to make overseas phone calls I'd borrow Kirk Hammett's mom's phone card, so I call Xavier in England and he tells me Peter Mensch wants me to call him . . . Back then we'd be going to record stores and I remember clearly one day we were looking at the DEF LEPPARD record and James and I had this conversation after seeing the back of the album where it said 'Management: Q Prime, Inc.' We saw that and we were like, 'Fuck!,' that just sounds so big time, you know, like polished offices, big conference tables with a bunch of managers sitting around planning every fucking step of DEF LEPPARD's career, just like, you know, how everyone thinks it is now with us! So I get the call and I hear Peter Mensch wants to talk with me and I was like, Fuckin' Peter Mensch.' Oh, my god, this was like getting to talk to the president or something. So I call him up and he was a little rude, [yet] kind of comical, a little obnoxious and certainly sarcastic [and he says], 'If me and partner see one more fucking METALLICA shirt when we're walking around' and 'who are you guys and what are you doing' and essentially 'we want to meet you.' . . . About a week after the phone call we're playing in New York at Roseland [September 4, 1984] with RAVEN and ANTHRAX was on the bill, too. So yeah, at the time we're with Johnny Z. [as manager] and the day before the show we're staying with this guy named Metal Joe [of the Old Bridge Militia]. So Metal Joe let us borrow his car to drive and meet Peter Mensch's partner, Cliff Burnstein, in Hoboken, New Jersey. So we got directions and we're driving to Hoboken and we're going straight to his house so we figure we're headed to where all the mansions and giant houses are, right? Now Hoboken is a working class neighborhood that looks like every other working class neighborhood in New York/New Jersey, small houses maybe a little on the dirty side, and I don't mean any of this disrespectfully, but we're picturing mansions and golf courses! So we're in Hoboken and I'm thinking I wrote the directions down wrong or something, we find the street and it's all matching up there's the house and we walk up and knock on the front door. The door opens and this Rasputin Jerry Garcia-looking guy answers the door wearing this smelly old t-shirt and puts out this kind of limp handshake and says, 'Hi, I'm Cliff Burnstein.' We all looked at each other like, 'What the fuck?' It was just so bizarre from what we were expecting, I mean, there's no one in an Armani suit, you know? So we get invited in and the inside of the house was just in shambles and chaos with stacks of shit everywhere with piles of dishes because no one's done them in a week type of thing. So we're sitting with this guy and he was clearly passionate and very smart and wanted to manage us and it blew our minds. In so many ways it was so METALLICA because this guy was so cool and just like us, a nerdy music fan, exactly like the four of us. But we were so wrong with the whole Q Prime Inc. vision of boardrooms and shit. We played him a copy of 'Ride The Lightning' and then a few weeks later we met his partner [Mensch] in England and he was as unique and charismatic and sort of out there as Cliff Bernstein and off we went, this was the big leagues but we were surprised at the big leagues! They were perfect for METALLICA; they were just like us. . .. Obviously their whole thing is a lot bigger [now] as they've got the CHILI PEPPERS and SHANIA TWAIN, they've had a lot of people come and go, they managed Courtney [Love] for a while, the [SMASHING] PUMPKINS, too. They're not with DEF LEPPARD anymore. But our thing... I mean, I've never been in another band other than METALLICA and I've never, apart from Johnny Z., and god bless him, we've never had any other managers other than Cliff and Peter. So I could never picture being or working with anybody else; it would seem way too odd. Both of them are among my best friends. When we come to New York, we'll go to the movies or go to dinner, hang out It's very chill and super-cool."


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