MEGADETH's MUSTAINE Says He Wants To Begin Getting New Songs Out Of His Head

In three brand new postings on MEGADETH's official web site, the group's mainman Dave Mustaine revealed plans to record brand new material, and has commented on the band's upcoming U.S. tour plans and the recently released "Of Mice and Men" promotional video. Read on:

"Yesterday [March 7] I chatted with Jeff Balding [enginner/producer] for a while about what his schedule was like over the next year or so, so that I could begin getting the new song (s) out of my head.

"You will be pleased to know that we had a great conversation and I told him my plans for the next year to two years and it was great to hear everything that we talked about made sense. Of course there will be no more recording in Phoenix, especially at John Harris' studio now that he made it a bar (what a pathetic joke). Shame for Ralph Patlan, because he is an awesome engineer and young budding producer.

"Anyway, Jeff is checking on a song that I had leftover from the 'The System Has Failed' session to see how far we got before we ran out of time, and I know that the guitars were not finished, but I was asking about the bass primarily. If the bass wasn't done, then we would give it a swing at having James [MacDonough, bass] and Glen [Drover, guitar] play on it for some new music.

"I am still unsure about whether to put MEGADETH into retirement because the tour for this record has gone so well; I was once 100 percent sure, now I am not. I do know that if there is another MEGADETH record ever, that the direction of 'The System Has Failed' was invigorating, recharging the old batteries, and was the most fun I have had in years.

"Thanks to the boys for making it fun again, thanks to the Droogs old and new for keeping the fire burning, and thanks to Vic for keeping me real.

"It's quaint to be heavy, isn't it."

On the upcoming tour:

"It seems that four of the five bands that me and the boys talked about having play with us this summer are pretty much 'in the club.' In fact I talked to one of the leaders of one of the bands today, and we are really excited and can't wait to announce who and when we are going out.

"Also, I talked with EMI today about the artwork for the ['greatest hits'] record and they were stoked and had some kewl ideas. This should be out in time for the summer run. If I get my way, the KISS song will be on it.

"Anyway, everyone made it back home safe and we are piecing together all of the trenchwork for the Japanese/Australian tour (it looks like we are just going to leave it at that), and so far the tour looks like it will follow the Euro/U.K. tour and sell out. So, if you are over there and you don't get yer tickets, don't come crying.

"Wow, I can't believe [son] Justis became a teenager while I was overseas. I celebrated with him when they came over, but it wasn't the same. 13 years old. Can you remember when I first became a daddy? I remember smacktalkers saying he was gonna cause me to get soft, and I'll have you know he was sound-checking MEGADETH songs with Shawn's son Ryan while they were with us overseas.

"So there you have it. I have songs to start listening to and work to do for the rest of the year. Wish me well, and I will be very much in touch now that I am back home."

On the "Of Mice and Men" video:

"It has come to my attention that some of the people that have seen the 'Of Mice and Men' video are stumped why the 'young Dave' would be playing a Jackson King V (in fact the famous number '1' silver King V and the kid bled on it). I am amazed that the effort to show a true to form progression of what I played then, and choose, I repeat choose to play now — over Jackson — my ESP DV8 could be mistaken or misinterpreted.

"Although everything in life is open to one's individual visual interpretation and the artistic license for the said viewer, PLEASE UNDERSTAND I endorse and fully stand behind the great people, treatment, and superior instruments of ESP and LTD guitars and basses. There is no comparision in my eyes or hands for that matter, and I know. My name was on both of these guitars right up around the headstock if ya didn't notice

"Period! And that's how the cows ate the cabbage."


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