MEGADETH's DAVE MUSTAINE Issues Post-Asia-Pacific Tour Update

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"Well, here is the post Asian Pacific tour post.

"Upon arriving to Japan, I had told the boys, whom by now I hope you will agree deserve not to be compared to anyone in the past due to their humility and desire to spend time and get to know you all, as well as their musicianship, that we were going to Disneyland.

"I mentioned how unreal the technical advances are in Japan, how polite the people are (sometimes to a fault), and how the audiences were different from anything that we will ever play to: ever!

"It seemed as though the two weeks there just flew by. We got to work on some performance issues to improve ourselves as musicians, I watched Glen take Jimmy and I under his wing and start helping us more with the technical aspects of some of our playing concerns, and I of course continued to take everyone through Rock Star 101, the school that it seems everyone that I have played with has discussed to some degree with me.

"The record companies and promoters were ace! And the meals we got to partake in are out of this world. I did get yelled at for eating sushi with chopsticks by the sushi chef in Osaka and I wasn't too impressed that after that, he charges me and John Leeder over $200 for lunch. He could have at least kissed me on the way out.

"Then came the Yatai and spending time with Nori and Kaori in Fukuoka. What terrific friends. I felt compelled to give Nori my tour jacket as a gift because of his gracious treatment of Lance and John and I. We said goodbye to all of the faithful fans from Japan, and headed into the Cathay Pacific jumbo jet for Hong Kong, connecting to Brisbane, Australia.

"Upon landing we were greeted by some Droogs and headed to the hotel where we spent three days waiting for our gear to pass customs into the country. I slept for almost two of those three days, I guess I was going through a cycle of my manic-depression, because I haven't been that run down for a long time.

"Anyway, we go to the gig and find out there was an in-store and it was cancelled and I felt very awkward for our friends that went there. I don't want them to think that we were too good to show up for them. So we all went out back of the concert and signed stuff, like we always do, and I said that I would be around for people to meet, that I am fairly approachable. I saw a lot of people after the show, but as you can imagine after two hours in a room that is prolly 120-125 degrees, it is hard to stay energized. YES I WAS TIRED, get over it! And yes there were people that got overlooked. I am sorry.

"I was also bothered by how quickly people were being rushed through the in-stores in the other cities where they did happen; both in Japan and Australia, but that was because we did not have time to do anything. We landed at the various airports or arrived at the bullet train stations, rushed to the hotels, dropped off our stuff, and then went to the instores. I hate disappointing you so much, that it may have seemed like I was upset with some of you; trust me, I was not. It was an honor for the store to have us, and for you to even show up.

"Now as far as the hair-touching 'Droogie' and I question his Droogie status, touching my hair was kewl for Emily, but not for you Danny Boy. And when you pulled your jacket from over your faced, I thought, 'Do I just kill him here, or do I let him live?' The hair part was weird enough, but the barf bag was just plain rude. I do forgive you, and I hope that you won't take our friendship lightly or there won't be one next time.

"Also, talk about Karma; I saw some guy with an Everlast shirt on, true, and he said sheepishly, 'Um, no' when I asked if he was a boxer, and then posts he said, 'Fuck No!' No wonder someone wagged his plonker at him.

"At the last show, although I found it funny to see the '**** METALLICA', I do not encourage Metallibashing, and I was not giving a 'thumbs up' to the banner, I was doing the same thing I did on the other side of the venue, which was saying thank you (although evil Dave kinda liked it a lil bit).

"The meet-and-greets at all the shows were the best part of Japan and Australia. And the dude in Melbourne with the stack of a zillion things named Aaron (I think) was very excited and nervous and I don't think he realized how he was making me feel stalked. I tried to sign all of his stuff, but I may have missed some after the eight-hundredth thing.

"Huge thanks go out to DUNGEON for being a terrific support band. I wish you all well and hope to see you again soon. Maybe if we come back to Australia before this tour is over, we can have you as guests and come out and sing a song with us, or do it again. Who knows?

"To Creative Man; Lali, Ao, and staff, and Michael Chubbs Entertainment; AJ, Gavin, and Jason, please accept my heartfelt thanks for taking such good care of us. I really hope that the talk of bringing Gigantour to the Pacific Rim can one day become a reality. I know I will talk to my agent, managers, and the bands involved so far seeing what gives.

"And once again, I am glad you now all approve after seeing the boys. I love playing with them and I can't wait to show the Droogs in the state how much better we are together than the week or two we were all playing together when we went through the states.

"I know some of you were upset by some miniscule problems, but it just goes to show how loyal and dedicated you are, and how badly you want us to be perfect for you. I want it to be perfect for you too.

"I loved every minute of this last tour, and everyone of you that I met. Well, almost everyone of you, ya hair touchers!"


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