MEGADETH: Mexico City Concert Postponed; DAVE MUSTAINE Interview Posted Online

The MEGADETH/EXODUS show that was originally scheduled to take place on December 1 at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City has been postponed, apparently due to "slow ticket sales," according to local media reports. A new date for the show has yet to be announced.

In related news, has posted a five-minute interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine in which he retreads much of the ground covered in previous interviews regarding the inclusion of a scene in METALLICA's "Some Kind of Monster" documentary in which METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich sits down with Mustaine for a one-on-one therapy session. You can listen to the audio of the interview at this location (Windows Media). A transcript of Mustaine's anti-METALLICA rant follows:

"With the things that have been going [through] over the past few years, it may appear like I'm trying to clear things up with METALLICA, and that wasn't the case. The [World Trade Center] towers got September 11, 2001. That was filmed 2001, two days later, September 13. Now, I was in Seattle on the 11th. The show got cancelled, we drove to Canada, played Edmonton on the 12th, and I was supposed to fly home from Edmonton from Phoenix for my 40th birthday. So I'm driving and driving and driving from Edmonton down to San Francisco, and Lars calls me up [adopts 'Danish' accent], 'Hey, man, you know, you wanna get together and with this therapist, work everything out…' And I was like, 'OK, I've got experience with therapy' — 'cause of you [referring to Lars] [laughs] — but I've got experience with therapy. Went and talked to him. We talked for three hours. They only used five minutes, and oddly enough, they used stuff that kind of makes it look good for them — naturally, the propaganda machine. And he was saying, 'I can't believe over the years you look back in the rear-view mirror and all you see is METALLICA.' I don't. One thing is for sure, I do look in the REAR-view mirror and see METALLICA, but I see a lot of other things there, too. What matters is me looking forward and seeing MEGADETH and my solo career. And the other thing, too, out of context… that should revealed that I said, 'You don't know how hard it's been for me to deal with this. For 20 years, you've pretended that I was invisible, that I had nothing to do with METALLICA, and you know I was the only guitar player. You know your guitar player used all my solos in the beginning. You used my songs when I said' Don't use them,' your frontman copped my entire persona. I got fired because I kicked his fucking ass. And he's jealous of me, 'cause I was better than he was. And then… all of that other stuff about I'm not a good guitar player? Excuse me, I'm a good guitar player, I'm better than Kirk Hammett and I always will be. The other thing about me being temporary? If I wouldn't have kicked James' [Hetfield] fucking ass, I'd probably still be in METALLICA. And the other thing, too… They said that I wasn't important. Well, why did I run everything? How come when James got done singing, he backed off the mic like a coward and I had to go up there and talk. Anybody who was there in the beginning knows this — you ask anyone from back in the day and they'll tell you this. So my question is… Now you are pretending I am so important that I need to be in the movie. Are you lying now or were you lying then? And when I said I didn't wanna be in the movie — and I've been saying this for a couple of years leading up to it — you send me the stuff to approve, and I don't approve it, it's more of the self-righteous stuff where he doesn't care. [Adopting Danish accent], 'Oh, man, I don't know if it's him or his manager.' I told the director I don't wanna be in it. And then he says on Blabbermouth he's sexually attracted to me. Excuse me, Lars… Maybe [chuckles]… I don't know where that came from. But you know what? I'm not into guys, maybe you are, but I'm not… and you're really sick. I just don't understand what this whole thing is about, and I'd prefer to keep it that way, 'cause as far as I'm concerned, Lars is out of my life. I had aspirations at one point to play with Lars and James again — maybe do something like an original METALLICA kind of reunion thing — but it's over. It's totally 100 percent over. And I think the most interesting thing about the whole process is the acronym of the movie: 'SKOM'."


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