MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has announced the addition of guitarist Glen Drover (EIDOLON, ex-KING DIAMOND) to the group's ranks. Speaking to the Shock Waves webzine, Mustaine said, "The webmaster for my website had talked to me about a couple guys and Glen's name popped up, we did some research and it was a perfect fit." Asked if he ever considered asking former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted to play bass for the band's upcoming tour, Mustaine said, "I would love to have Jason Newsted play with me. I think it would be fun just to stick it up METALLICA's ass. But I know he's got several projects going on at the moment and don't know if he could commit for an entire tour. This will be a long tour, it's not just 20 shows in America , it's gonna go on through next summer. So I don't want somebody who's gonna play five gigs with me and then say something like, "I got an opportunity to play with VOIVOD again."

Mustaine also once again spoke about the inclusion of a scene in METALLICA's "Some Kind of Monster" documentary in which METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich sits down with Mustaine for a one-on-one therapy session.

"I saw my footage and I said I didn't want to be in it," Dave explained. "Two days before the movie, we had just been attacked in N.Y. and they were still pulling dead people out of the buildings. That September 13th I turned 40, I was stuck in Vancouver...on the 11th I was in Seattle when I heard the towers' had been hit, we canceled our show and drove into Canada and did that show. On the 13th I was supposed to fly home but all the flights were grounded. So I have to drive all the way from Canada down to San Francisco while Lars is calling up saying, 'Hey, let's f**kin' get together man.' And I'm thinking to myself, 'My God, my life has come to this...I've turned 40 and I'm with Lars.' And he's telling me, 'Hey, we got this counselor here and we'd like to kind of work through some things in the past and kind of make it right.' And I'm thinking, that's fine, I've been through enough psychotherapy and I understand that may be good. So we go in and talk for like three hours while they're filming it, and I was uncomfortable about that..."

Asked if he felt it was simply METALLICA wanting to add "drama" to their movie rather than having anything to do with making amends with what happened in the past, Mustaine said, "Yeah, they just wanted to continue using me. The thing you got to ask yourself is if I was so unimportant that James [Hetfield] didn't mention my name ever in the last 20 years, and now they're all saying that I need to be a part of this...what part of 'this' do I need to be a part of? James was saying that we have so much in common and that he wants to talk to me...I'm like, dude, I'm approachable, I'm locatable, drop the horseshit, if you want to talk to me then call me. As far as Lars is concerned...the last thing he said on Blabbermouth is that he was sexually attracted to me!...Dude, what has happened to you?"

Is that true? Or was he being sarcastic as usual?

'I've been around Lars enough to know that he's got some pretty questionable things he's said and done over the years and I don't know whether he was joking or not," Mustaine said. "But I do know this...if Lars wants to get sexual with me, he's gonna be on the bottom."

Read the rest of the interview at this location.


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