MAX CAVALERA Says CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Has Made SOULFLY 'Heavier' recently conducted an interview with with SOULFLY/CAVALERA CONSPIRACY frontman Max Cavalera. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: Have you made plans for CAVALERA CONSPIRACY beyond this tour, or is it just one thing at a time for the moment?

Max Cavalera: Well, at the moment we are just booking as we go. No big planning, but the album is getting a lot of excitement around the world and a lot of festivals call us and they want us to be part of that and so we are doing a lot of shows in the European festivals with bands we know. METALLICA, MORBID ANGEL, CARCASS, many, many other cool bands. After that I heard something about a US tour with THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN which is friends with Igor. He knows these guys and they are cool band. After that, I don't know my man. I hope we can come to Australia. Ha! What does this mean for SOULFLY?

Max Cavalera: The only thing that happened to SOULFLY is that it made SOULFLY heavier. Because I had to write a heavier album for SOULFLY now because I can't write a SOULFLY album that will sound like chicken-shit compared to CONSPIRACY! (laughs) So in a way I'm very thankful for CONSPIRACY to kick my ass to make SOULFLY an even heavier, crazier record. Which it is going to be because I already recorded most of it. In terms of timetables and things, it's great because SOULFLY could do with a bit of a break from extensive touring that we did the last six years. SOULFLY has not stopped. SOULFLY had play everywhere, more than fifty countries. Everywhere from Kosovo to who knows where... Argentina. We didn't stop. Just tour, tour, tour, tour. So it's a good thing to take a little break, a little rest. I did CONSPIRACY.. once that touring's done I go back into SOULFLY and we release this album which like I told you is going to be heavy as fuck because it needs to be heavier than CONSPIRACY. A lot of people who have heard the CONSPIRACY album have compared it to what you were doing with SEPULTURA around the time of "Arise". What is your assessment of that?

Max Cavalera: I hear a lot of things. I heard everything so far from NAILBOMB to "Arise" to "Chaos AD" to "Soulfly", some of the thrash of it is like "Dark Ages", but with Igor on the drums. I agree with all of them! Yes! More and more the faster, the heavier, the crazier! That's what we are here for. That's what we do best, metal music. It doesn't matter what we listen to. Igor listen to different things in his spare time, when he come to write songs with me it's fucking metal! You said that this album influenced the next SOULFLY album. What can we expect from that?

Max Cavalera: Well the next SOULFLY album is being mixed in England with Andy Sneap, and it's very heavy in its own way. In a SOULFLY way. It's still got craziness... I recorded a lot in Egypt this time. I spent some time in Cairo working with some Egyptian musicians and we came up with some really wicked interludes and passages. It sounds nothing like anything I ever done. Very very amazing Egyptian instruments. There is a song that is a colloboration with MORBID ANGEL's singer David Vincent which is one of my favourite songs forever in my whole life that I wrote. It's called "Blood Fire War Hate" and that should be the opening of the album. It's very energising, verrrry powerful, man. I can't wait for fans to hear it. It's the shit. That one is gonna definitely create some chaos in the moshpit.

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