MAX CAVALERA On Reunion With Brother IGOR: 'It Was Just A Really Magical Night'

Debby Rao of KNAC.COM recently conducted an interview with SOULFLY/ex-SEPULTURA frontman Max Cavalera. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

KNAC.COM: Max, it is an honor to be talking with you. Let's discuss the recent reunion that took place on August 17. It must have been special to see your brother Igor jump on stage and perform with you.

Cavalera: Yes, It was really special. Mainly because the whole thing had been ten years, the memorial for Dana [Max Cavalera's stepson Dana "D-Low" Wells, who was killed in a 1996 car wreck], and it has been about the same years that I haven’t played with Igor. I hadn't seen him in ten years...the same amount of time. It was really cool that he came here and spend some time with us, and we decided to jam two songs including, "Attitude" which was written about Dana on the "Roots" record, and he also played on the song "Roots Bloody Roots". It was just a really magical night.

KNAC.COM: The audience must have been really blown away by the performance. Describe the audience's reaction when Igor took the stage.

Cavalera: They were tripping. I could see some of the faces in the front. People were really tripping. I didn't know it was going to happen till a couple of days before. I was in Europe. I talked on the phone to Igor, and he said, 'I am coming, man.' I have heard things before, I never believed it. He really came. From the minute he stepped on the stage, people knew him. Igor came in on the drum jam, which is always with different people. I normally do the drums with friends on the drum jam with SOULFLY. It is one of my favorite parts of the show, when I pull someone from the crowd to do the drums with me. Igor came out on that part. And stepped onstage. He stood on the stage, and jumped behind the drum kit, then we played "Attitude". So it was really cool the way he was introduced too. That was my own idea...(he) just came into the drum jam, like with everybody else and stayed in and played the song. He liked that was really cool.

KNAC.COM: What do you think about the chances of this ever happening on the upcoming SOULFY tour, which is slated to begin on September 18?

Cavalera: You never know. We have two tours coming up. We have the U.S. "Dark Ages" tour, and then we go to Australia with MEGADETH. It could happen. Music is like this different world with things happening and changes. You get disappointed and you get surprises. You hit lows and highs. It is a crazy lifestyle. (Laughter) One thing I learned about music: one minute it is extremely happy and then, (the) next minute you are extremely pissed off.

KNAC.COM: Do you think SOULFLY will release a new album next year?

Cavalera: I hope so. I would like to do a continuation of the DVD. The first DVD was really cool, the way it was done. I like how it is put together. There is so much more material that I would like to show people. Some of the things that we did throughout our career. Different places like we visited: Kosovo and Africa. Also, playing the Marine bases in Camp Lejeune (North Carolina). It was an unbelievable experience. Our drum riser was a tank. We were talking to all the marines going to Iraq. That was amazing. A couple of hundred of Marines saw our show, and we got a metal for SOULFLY, and I said this is cooler that any gold album I ever got. It was harder to get something like that, a gold album was easier. One marine said, "SOULFLY should play over there; your music would take care of all of the problems because your music would really charge them up."

Read the entire interview at KNAC.COM.


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