MAX And IGOR CAVALERA Reunited After 10 Years: More Photos Available

Several photos of brothers and former SEPULTURA bandmates Max (guitar, vocals) and Igor Cavalera (drums) playing together and hanging out for the first time in 10 years at the 10th annual D-Low Memorial Festival on August 17, 2006 at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ have been posted online at this location (all photos were taken by Igor's wife Laima Leyton). As previously reported, Igor came out and joined headliners SOULFLY (featuring Max on guitar/vocals) for renditions of the SEPULTURA classics "Attitude" and "Roots Bloody Roots".

In a recent interview with Andrew Haug of Triple J's "Full Metal Racket" (based in Australia), Max spoke about the surprise jam with his brother and the possibility of a reunion of SEPULTURA's classic lineup in the not-too-distant future.

On how the jam came about:

"It was actually very cool, because I was on tour… The phone call [from Igor] kind of came out of nowhere, which is the greatest thing about it. And I know that's for higher reasons. And it was like, 'Here's your brother…' And I start talking to him, 'Hey, man, what's up?! How're you doing?,' this and that. And he's like, 'You know, there's a Dana [Wells memorial] show coming up, 10 years, and I'd like to come and visit you.' And I was like, 'Hell, yeah. You're always welcome here.' He made the arrangements and he came, and it was great. I couldn't help asking him, 'Of course, you wanna jam, right?' We ended up playing just two songs — we played 'Attitude' and 'Roots' — but it was just fucking really cool to be on stage with him. It was so intense, man. Igor put on his 'war' face right away when he's behind the drums — it's like nothing else I've ever seen anywhere else in the world. And I just looked at him, and he was like World War III is about to start. His drums sounded like thunder, man, and it's like the time's not touched us. For one thing, it just made us even closer.

"I'm very, very happy, and I think the fans that were there were very, very excited — very happy.

"There is nothing official on what we're gonna do in the future, but I just think it's been a tremendous year — just to be able to be reunited with him on stage, which was one of the things that, at some points, I thought would never happen again, 'cause it had been a very negative split. But that kind of shows that life always changes and proves you wrong. So it was really killer, man. It was really cool to see him hanging out with my kids and playing."

On seeing Igor for the first time in 10 years:

"It was wild, man. 'Cause it was the first time [we were meeting] face-to-face [in 10 years]. So I went to pick him up at the airport, and I was nervous as shit. I'm trying to play cool, to be all cool, like I'm [not that affected by it], but fuck, I was nervous as shit — he was, too — but the minute we hugged, it was like, 'Great.' It was like a black cloud was [removed]. Just good vibes are happening now. This is the new beginnings of new, better things in life.

"I always believed that this music I play — this metal music that the world might label negative or whatever they wanna call it — this is the greatest, most sacred music, 'cause it can make things like that happen. And playing with him again, like I said, on that stage, the moment we seriously got together to jam and throw it down, there was some serious jamming — anybody that was on that stage felt the power. It was like, 'Holy shit!' So it was great, man. Really, really cool."

On the possibility of being in a band with Igor again — either with a reunited SEPULTURA or in a new project:

"[There's] nothing really [going on right now], because I'm not really thinking or talking about that at all. I think it's better to kind of wait until when I think it's the right time to actually approach [everyone about] whatever we're gonna do. But I think there's all kinds of possibilities and there's all kinds of rumors. But the only thing I can say right now is that, yes, he [Igor] has left [SEPULTURA] because he was unhappy touring with them. He's looking after his family, and he's got a new son, who is named Antonio, which is my middle name. And he was really committed to first, before anything, make peace with me again, and I think it took a lot of attitude and courage and balls to do that sort of things first. So, one thing at a time — every day kind of building that kind of thing. I'm not worried about it — when the time comes, whatever happens, it'll be the right thing to do. He knows I'm busy with SOULFLY, and he's got a lot of things… He told me about the stuff he's doing in Brazil and I was completely blown away by the work he's been doing with street kids and teaching drums to poor kids and 'favela' [Brazilian ghetto] kids, which is something that I thought was great. We didn't do that in SEPULTURA — I don't know why; we were too busy drinking and going around the world. But he's a different guy now, too — more grown up, more mature guy. And knowing that he's doing this work with ghetto kids makes me really proud of him."

On Igor's DJing gigs:

"I don't know… That's kind of a private, kind of personal thing. People like different things — Bruce Dickinson likes to fly a plane. I was not too in shock because I think drummers need an outlet, just like Dave Grohl needed to make a band where he sings. So I can understand why he's doing this DJ [type of stuff]. I don't really have anything like that myself. I'm devoted to music — I annoy people with music, actually. My wife and my kids pray sometimes that I give up my obsession with music, but that's not gonna happen — not in my lifetime. So it's kind of cool — I respect that; it's something that he does on the side. But the thing that he's doing with the ghetto kids — that really touched me in a special way. I think it's really cool that he's doing that."

(Thanks: Carlos Almeida)


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