MACHINE HEAD: Shaking The Rust Off

MACHINE HEAD frontman Robert Flynn has posted the following message to the band's official web site:

"After reading a recent article that referred to the music of LAMB OF GOD as 'Nu-Metal', I am officially retiring the word 'Nu-Metal' from my vocabulary. It is THE most played out, overused and generic term, OF ALL FUCKING TIME!

"What up Fuckers?! How's it goin'?!?!

"Just wrapped up the 'Imperium' video shoot yesterday. Man, at 3 days, that was the longest video shoot we've ever done. Had a blast doing it. Got a REAL good feeling about this video, man. We shot at 8 different locations, warehouse, white room, blood red room, Metal tree, bunch of others. Mike Sloat directed it. He's not a big name director or anything, just a young, super hungry, talented up-and-comer, who had really, really good ideas and was able to make our ideas come to life. We'll have a 'Making of the Imperium video' up on the site in a few days.

"The record is done!! Colin Richardson RULED the mixes, made it heavy as hell. Mastered it with Eddy Schreyer down in L.A. Eddy mastered ['Burn My Eyes'], but for some reason we haven't used him since. Needless to say, we will definitely use him in the future.

"I went from mixing the record, right into the press tour, and got back from the press tour a couple of weeks ago. A press tour is where the label flies you into different countries and has you interviewed by the press in that country. It was hectic man, one of the biggest I've ever done. Flew to Paris, London, Amsterdam, 3 cities in Germany. Doing like 18 interviews a day, 12 hour days sometimes. Reaction from the press has been really positive, kinda flippin' out, calling it a comeback and shit, a 'new' MACHINE HEAD. I don't really take anything the press says to heart... good or bad... but it was nice to hear.

"Finally started practicing last week. Dave [McClain] and Phil [Demmel] had jammed a couple of times when I was gone, but these we're the first with all 4 of us together. Jesus?! We sounded like the most God awful MACHINE HEAD cover band you've ever heard. Lots of, 'How does that riff go?? Oh yeah...' 'What's that lyric? Oh Yeah...' It was funny, it's amazing what 3 months off will do. We're shaking the rust off though, slowly but surely.

"Hella, hella, HELLA excited to get back on the road again. Had a contest on the Roadrunner website to name the Tour, the 'Through the Ashes of Europe Tour' begins Oct 31st (Halloween) in Dublin, Ireland. We expect all you crazed lunatics to come Halloween-ed up in your craziest costumes. We plan on getting good and Vodka-ed up, and hope Dublin feels like joining us.

"And that goes for the rest of the tour too, my beer breathed brethren. The HEAD hasn't come to your city for a while now and we expect you 'Head'cases to come drink, raise hell, and celebrate being alive with us, like only you fuckers know how to.

"Let the Vodka flow! Woo – Hoo!!!"


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