MACHINE HEAD's ROBERT FLYNN Checks In From Switzerland

MACHINE HEAD frontman Robert Flynn has posted the following message on the group's official web site (

"Hey, hey, hey.

"Got a day off in Zurich, Switzerland today. Just chillin' at the Intercontinental Hotel Business Center at 1:05 AM. Being on tour is a trip, it's like working the graveyard shift. I go to bed around 5:30AM every night, 'cause I don't start 'work' 'til around 11PM, so my morning begins at 2PM when I wake up. Day starts off with some Chai tea, or Chai Tea and a beer if I'm hungover. Do a bunch of interviews. Been doing more press than I've ever done in my life on this tour... DAMN! I'm not complaining or anything, it's cool, it's just a trip. After that I'll hang around the club, see what kind of interesting bathroom-like facility there may or may not be. Hang with the KILL II THIS's. Soundcheck, work on songs we're fucking up in the set, or songs we're trying to bring into the live set to alternate. Either that or jam on PRIEST, MAIDEN, old PANTERA, or 'The Safety Dance' by new wave gods MEN WITHOUT HATS. *cough*

"This tour has been going amazing, and I say that with sincere shock, people are freaking out on MACHINE HEAD, or as they pronounce it here in Europe, 'MUSHY NED'. It's been really fun man... beer, vodka, brawls, love. Last night we played Treviso, Italy, this is the first time we have ever been to this city, and girls were openly weeping in the audience during our set... for no reason! It was crazy!!! A couple of nights ago in Madrid, a couple of assholes thought it'd be fun to play 'test the new guy', so after the show, the boys, following suit after Snoop D-O-double-Gizzle, had to hand out a couple of Pimp Smizzles. Ahhhh, you can take the Boys out of the Bay, but you can't take the Bay out of the Boys. A few nights before that, we played 2 nights in Portugal, and man, those fuckers are so crazy, it's just plain wrong. Biggest circle pit of the tour, HANDS DOWN!!! Fuck!!! Clapping along to 'Descend'... singing it SO loud... even as I write it now... just... wow.

"The connection this record has been making with people over here is really amazing. Dudes running up to me shaking, kissing my hand and telling me 'I feel like I've known you my whole life', showing me their MH tattoos and shit. It kinda trips me out. I almost don't know what to say. I just try and calm them down, tell 'em it's gonna be alright, tell 'em music affects me the same way, tell 'em they don't need to put me up on a pedestal like that, tell 'em 'You don't need to kiss my hand... Jeez!' It's been moving, really, it has been genuinely moving. Without trying to analyze things too deeply, it's kind of ironic that the record we finally wrote as just music fans again, is the record that's making the deepest connection to music fans.

"U.S. situation is this close *holds fingers a quarter inch apart* to being worked out. A couple of surprises came out of nowhere just recently, including an unnamed imprint thru an unnamed major that could be very cool. As soon as we know enough to announce, we will, Head Cases.

"Until then, looking HELLA forward to rolling thru your city, with half the shows sold out in advance FUCK YEAH!!! We plan on getting ripped with all of you. Our sole purpose is to metal out, drrrrrink your vodka, plunder your cities, and encourage the youth of your country to have promiscuous and consensual sex... in public toilet facilities.



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