MACHINE HEAD Express 'Shock' And 'Disappointment' Over Album Review

MACHINE HEAD have posted the following statement on their official web site:

"In what came as a complete shock to band members, U.K.-based teen nu-metal weekly, Kerrang!, have absolutely savaged MACHINE HEAD's new album, 'Through the Ashes of Empires'. Referring to it as 'a directionless mess of an album', that is chock full of 'widdlesome solos and moments of musical 'complexity' that actually get in the way', and declaring it 'the sonic equivalent of eating last nights delivery pizza, reheated today'. Add to those comments the fact that they give the record a mere 2 'K's', only one 'K' above the worst Kerrang! review rating of 1 'K', which the UK magazine refers to as 'bollocks'.

"The review comes at a time when the international press is absolutely raving about MACHINE HEAD's 'Through the Ashes of Empires', calling it a return to form, with every single major metal magazine in the UK and Europe decidedly praising the record, with even the Australian edition of Kerrang! handing out a staggering 5 'K' review. Which, strangely, leaves K! writer Daniel Lukes as the only scribe to not only barely review the record, but out and out attack the band. MACHINE HEAD drummer Dave McClain called the review 'gutter journalism, closer to what you might find on an internet message board,' while frontman Robert Flynn simply added that the reviewer could 'suck our fuckin' dicks.'

"Even more confusing and bizarre, in the same review, Lukes incorrectly states that Kerrang! only awarded 1999's 'The Burning Red' a mere 3 'K's', when Kerrang! writer Mörat clearly awarded it 4 'K's' in his original review, declaring 'Indeed, if it weren't for [one song] 'The Burning Red' would, without doubt, be a 5 'K' album.' Some have speculated that showing the bands' declining 'K's' certainly made the review gel better with Lukes' 'story' of 'a band in decline', while most agree that it could have just been an editorial oversight.

"The review came as even more of a shock to the Bay Area Mob as Kerrang! are sponsoring MACHINE HEAD's tour of the UK, primarily, the two nearly sold out London gigs at the Carling Astoria which are Kerrang! X-fest dates.

"The band issued the following [comment] on the situation: 'While we are all a bit shocked, surprised and disappointed that this particular Kerrang! journalist has decided to attack us with such belligerence. We have many friends, supporters, and allies within the Kerrang! organization. Kerrang! have been champions of this band. And as music fans, we have been avid supporters of the magazine since its early days. While some within our own organization feel it would be completely justified, MACHINE HEAD have no intention whatsoever of severing Kerrang!'s involvement in our U.K. tour dates over something as petty and trivial as this. We hope that we can sit down soon, have a beer, a good laugh, and put this all behind the both of us.' "


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