LOST HORIZON Guitarist Remembers Former VADER Drummer DOC

Guitarist Wojtek Lisicki (LOST HORIZON, ex-LUCIFERION) has sent the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"In boundless misery I would like to announce that [today], August 24, 2005 I am going to the funeral [of former VADER drummer Doc] together with Doc's friends. This is devastating. I have no words...

"His family officially announced that only them, the relations and the nearest circle of friends should come. But we are going there for Doc, not the others! We are all coming! I guess there will be an army of people over there tomorrow. This is not lack of respect, THIS is metal way! He would like to have it like this, no doubt about that. The funeral is taking place nearly Doc's home city, Olsztyn, Poland.

"I give my deep thoughts and respect to the memory of Doc!

Also, I would like to share with everybody the last moments I saw Doc. Ironically it was not long time ago...

"I met Doc just ONE WEEK AGO on the Hunter Fest in Szczytno, Poland, August 14, 2005! If I was a religious person I would now see it as an 'arranged goodbye,' even if I actually never was a close friend of Doc.

"On the festival I stood behind the stage listening to the Polish band COMA playing. I was there totally alone at that moment. Suddenly, I saw Doc coming down the stage stairs. He placed himself two meters in front of me, but showing his back. I was thinking, 'Is he suddenly ignoring me after all these years?' I swallowed my pride and signalled my existence by pulling slightly his hair. He turned and smiled and said 'Czesc' (hello), nothing more... Obviously, there was nothing more to say, he understood I was on vacations in Poland again visiting this festival to see BEHEMOTH. Asking me standard questions like, 'So you are in Poland again?' would be repeating a part of all that we have been talking about every thime we saw each other. Also, the music from the stage was very loud. He turned back facing the stage from behind and continued staying like this in a while. I stood there analyzing the situation, as I usually do. He was always a quiet person, but this was strange... After a while, he returned to the stage. On the festival he was supposed to help Inferno (drummer of BEHEMOTH) with the drums also to play some songs with the headliner, HUNTER, as a guest drummer. I didn't even know that, and because of that didn't see even one song. I only saw him later behind Inferno's drums acting as a technician. As watching drummers is one of the most interesting things for me during the gigs I stood there the whole BEHEMOTH's concert observing Inferno and Doc. Only some few minutes after the gig when they were talking together, my friend Wawrzyn, also one of Doc's friends from Poland (and the ex-drummer of DAMNATION and FOREST OF IMPALED) now living in Chicago, USA, called and asked me to greet Doc which I did. I don't remember what he answered — 'Thanx' or 'Greet him back,' smiling... That were the last words I heard from Doc... and the last time I saw him..."


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