LIMP BIZKIT's DURST Addresses 'Shit Talk' From SUMMER SANITARIUM Tourmates

LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst has sent the following update to the band's official mailing list:

"The album — well, we're in the last stretch and this motherfucker rocks!! It's so ready to rip the heads off any haters out there who listen to watered down formulated nonsense. I still won't tell you the real title of the album because it's a fucking secret already. The fake titles are for the people who just won't be patient. Don't be scared of the metal is the way to look at it. And don't be scared of the growth is another way. It's still LIMP BIZKIT and that is a fucking fact. Time to put some depth back in this genre. Some real soul. Some real heart. Some real honesty. Aw yeah!!

"Summer Sanitarium — well, let's see, the biggest fucking tour this summer with a lot of emotions flying around. All I've heard is shit talk [ShitTalk#1, ShitTalk#2] going on from other bands on the bill. It's sad that they see this tour as a competition. I see it a summer camp with the fellas. I think LIMP BIZKIT is secure enough to completely avoid talking shit about anybody. True colors are bright and we are blinded at this moment by some surprising true colors coming out of the woodworks here. We plan to have a blast and connect with the source of our being again. That source is the energy that we feed off of at our live shows. Watch the fuck out. It's on.

"Mike Smith — he's the bomb!! A real guitar player with an edge like a pit bull with his nuts in a vice. We feel complete with Mike at this time and our ready to unleash the unknown on the innocent listeners. When Mike, John, and Sam get together it just reeks of pure raw emotional havoc. I shouldn't say much. I'll let you decide for yourself. It's a no brainer.

"Favorite shit at the moment — I still have a crush on the Jolie. I wish it would go away, but it's not a bad one to have. I have been into the movie 'Chopper' for a while now and still loving it. I also can't wait to see 'The Hulk'. My son Dallas is getting cooler and cooler everyday. I'm the greatest dad in the world!! I am very stoked that I have a chance to be a dad that can relate and I'll do everything in my powers to give him the life he deserves. I got the new Mac G4 17" and it is the best computer on this planet I'm calling earth. Go Mac and never go back!!!!!!!! I'm gonna direct this dope movie called 'Life Without Joe' when the touring chills. It's a sick and twisted psychological thriller. You're going to love it. This I know. After Summer Sanitarium, we are going to Europe to do a big-ass free concert that I put together. We owe them one and time pay the piper. It's gonna be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's also cool that no one has heard any of the new album not one person has heard a glimpse. So anything you read on it would be premature. Or just letters that form words. On the one side I'm stoked to be alive. On the other I'm completely miserable and stressed with pressure beyond comprehension. This is my fuel and why I can do what I do. My creative soul is in no way done creating and I'm riding the wave. I hope you find a good place to exist in this world for now. Nothing is certain and nothing is forever. I miss you so much. We'll see you in a couple weeks.


"Your pal Fred and LIMP BIZKIT"


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