LAMB OF GOD Frontman Discusses 'Killadelphia' DVD, SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGOUND Tour

LAMB OF GOD vocalist Randy Blythe recently spoke with Digital Noise about the band's brand-new DVD, "Killadelphia", as well as their headlining slot on the Sounds of the Underground tour. A few excerpts from the interview follow:

Digital Noise: Let's talk about the Sounds of the Underground tour. How does it feel to look at this lineup of incredible bands and know that you guys are going to be the last to play each night?

Randy Blythe: "It feels kind of like a barium enema. I don't want to play last. You know, I don't want to play last. There's 22 fucking bands. It's gonna be hot as shit. It's gonna be a long day. We're gonna have to work pretty hard to keep the kids attention after such a long day. It's a privilege to be considered the headliner, but Jesus Christ, man. You know. We're not going to be having any fun. Not a lot of partying until it's all done and everybody by then's gonna be wasted. It's gonna be annoying every night to see all of your friends completely hammered when you just got off stage going, 'Woooo let's go,' and you're like 'Jesus man, I just wanna shower.' I'm planning to sleep most of the day away, get up and rock and just hang out at night trying to get some peace and quiet time."

Digital Noise: Let's talk about the "Killadelphia" DVD. There's like 30 tracks on there and the web site mentions over two hours of behind the scenes footage. That's a shitload of material for a DVD. Tell me a little bit about the creation of this DVD.

Randy Blythe: "Basically, we did two shows in Philly at The Troc. We wanted to do it in Philly because Philly has supported us from the beginning, so it's kind of our way of showing our love back. The shows were great and the kids in Philly are nuts, so we wanted to get a good solid set out of it. So, we took the two shows and we picked the best takes of the songs from either night and put together our set. The other part of it is, this guy Doug from High Roller Studios, who we've worked with for a while traveled with us for a month in the U.S. and U.K. and filmed all the ins and outs of what happens when you hit the road. It's kind of an honest look at what it's like to be in a band, at least our band. The good, the bad and the ugly. I think it will be appealing to fans because it's a pretty honest glimpse into our life, I suppose."

Digital Noise: Last year I spoke with Chris [Adler, drums] right as "Ashes of the Wake" was being finished up and he told me that you guys had grown closer together as friends and musicians and that translated into the writing of that album. How do you think this band has evolved over time, especially over the past year?

Randy Blythe: "I think we've become more of a professional unit. Although, basically, I tend to think of us all as idiots, pretty much (laughs). We're just five guys from Richmond who got together to make some music and we're either stubborn enough or stupid enough or masochistic enough to persevere for so long. Somehow it's worked out for us. It's taken awhile, but it's ok. It is a job, but it's a really cool job (laughs) because we've all worked some shitty jobs. We have a good time. I think definitely, there's almost a psychic bond when you do this for so long together where you kind of can like almost guess what the next person's gonna do before they do it at times. There's, onstage especially, there's kind of subtle physical clues as to what's gonna happen. So you know to maybe get the fuck out of the way before you get smashed (laughs) you know. I don't know, we've gotten tighter and I think most bands do. The more you do it, the better you get. You have to stay true to what you set out to do."

Digital Noise: Have you guys talked about entering the studio to record the next album, or are you thinking after this tour, of taking some time off? What are your plans?

Randy Blythe: "We're taking a break for a little bit after this tour 'cause me a John [Campbell, bass] are both getting married. He in August and me in September. Just gonna try and ignore the music for a little while and actually have a personal life for once, that doesn't involve this fucking band. After that we'll probably do another U.S. run and before Christmas probably go to Europe and England again, the U.K., and then come home, do Christmas and then enter the studio and start writing the new record."

Read Randy Blythe's entire interview with Digital Noise at this location.


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