CANNIBAL CORPSE bassist Alex Webster, WATCHTOWER/SPASTIC INK guitarist Ron Jarzombek and LAMB OF GOD drummer Chris Adler have joined forces in a brand-new project tentatively called MACHINATIONS OF DEMENTIA.

Commented Jarzombek in a posting on his web site: "For the past several months, I have been writing some heavy, brutal, technical, psychedelic, doomy music with Mr. 'Hammer Smashed Bass' himself Alex Webster, bassist for CANNIBAL CORPSE. Yeah, I know, holy crap! At the rate we are going, we will have enough material for a full CD by the end of the year. Of course, I don't want to give out a 'release date', but so far, we have about 40 minutes of material and aren't slowing down any time soon.

"Not totally decided on a name yet, we are tentatively calling the project MACHINATIONS OF DEMENTIA. On drums will be none other than Chris Adler from LAMB OF GOD. YIKES!!!!... Due to Chris' heavy touring schedule with LAMB OF GOD over the past months, he has had very little time to work on material, but the three of us are committed to making this happen.

"Alex is also extremely busy with the CANNIBAL CORPSE guys writing their next CD. They are scheduled to record in November, then in early/mid-2006 will most likely go on tour for several months, or even longer. And so the deadline for this project to be completed is by the first few months of 2006. If we don't make it, then we'll be in for a long wait until Alex gets back.

"We are writing tunes via the Internet with mp3s, and sheet music written in Encore and PowerTab. Originally, Alex, Chris and I were going to get together and play live in Virginia a few times to put songs together, but with conflicting schedules, there would be too many delays. And so while Chris is currently on tour, Alex and I just keep writing and writing, and putting more and more tunes together.

"One thing I wanted to mention about the project was that I think it's so cool that I found these guys to record with and as far as I know, they have only recorded with their respective bands. They aren't players that have been on every one else's recording, and so it's an honor to be working with these guys.

"We have chosen the topic/concept of brain inactivity and disorders. There are 17 titles to work with, but not all of them will be full 'songs'. Tracks will vary in length from 1 minute to 8-10 minutes. Probably a good full hour of some techy yet brutal stuff. Song titles include 'Narcolepsy', 'Bleeding in the Brain', 'R.E.M.', 'Synaptic Plasticity', 'Laser Lobotomy', 'The Insomniac', 'EEG Tracings', 'Oscillation Cycles', and 'Brain Fingerprinting'.

"Also, kind of interesting (for me anyways!) is the new Circle Of 12 Tones theoretical system that Alex and I are using for writing tunes. There are a few videos of tunes here. Check it out!"


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